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Doctor, Speaker, Educator, Consultant

Three Reasons Why Probiotics Should Be Part of Your Program

You’ve likely heard about probiotics and you may even take them for your digestive health, but you may not realize that probiotics have benefits way beyond the belly. Probiotic organisms are beneficial bacteria that support the microflora balance in the gut. The goal is to ensure that the gut’s balance of good bacteria is maintained. It’s easy to have dysbiosis, where the gut’s bacteria is disrupted by antibiotic medications, oral contraceptives, excessive alcohol consumption, and poor diet.

Here are 3 reasons why probiotics should be part of your program:

Changes in the gut’s bacteria contribute to conditions like diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Antibiotics are often associated with diarrhea because the cause changes in the gut’s bacteria that contribute to loose stools. Probiotics can reduce that risk. IBS is partially caused by normal bacteria changes, and research suggests probiotics may help alleviate or lessen symptoms like bloating, abdominal pain, and gas.

Your digestive tract has a thin, strong wall of gut barrier cells for protection, but when the gut microbiome is “off”, these cells can become inflamed. Over time, that inflammation creates enough damage to cause leaks in the gut lining (leaky gut syndrome). Probiotics can definitely help.

Gut health primarily benefits digestion but it is about so much more. Multitudes of scientific evidence show the communication and connection between the gut and the brain. Gut health does play a role in supporting memory, focus and mood. Gut health is tied to sleep, too. Stress is known to affect mind and gut; if you are experience stress, make sure to take probiotic supplements. Keeping your gut healthy with probiotics has far-reaching benefits.

Did you know that most of your immune system –about 70% — resides in your gut? It’s true, and probiotics can help improve that immune response to keep your immune system functioning normally. When you are ill, the gut bacteria often become unbalanced so it is important to replenish your gut flora with good bacteria. Research shows that probiotics can reduce the length of time and severity of colds and the flu.

Probiotics can help stimulate the growth of good bacteria while also protecting against disease-causing bacteria. Together, this mix of microorganisms is known as the gut microbiota or gut microbiome, and it plays a key role in the health of the human body. All probiotics are not created equal; it’s important to have one that is shelf-stable and formulated for on-target release in the gut. Consider my private label Opti Biotic which uses advanced formulation technology to make sure your gut gets the maximum benefit.

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