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Doctor, Speaker, Educator, Consultant

Detox Protocol

As seen on our Morning Coffee show

Detox Protocol

As seen on Dr. T’s

Morning Coffee Show


Dr. Tenpenny recommended protocol for poisonous material:



1.  Pure Body Extra Zeolite Detox Spray: 3 or 4 sprays every 2 hrs. 

Best combined with the Pure Body gut zeolite detox: 4 drops 3-4 times a day. Get $50 OFF when you get them together HERE.  Plus…


1. a)  Fulvic Minerals+: 10 drops in water twice a day (Get your first bottle for only $10.  See below for details)


2.  Ultra Binder activated charcoal per instructions 


3.  OPTI NAC: 500 mg 3 times a day PLUS  OPTI Thistle (milk thistle): 300 mg twice a day —> very important for liver


4.  OPTI Iodine to protect breast/prostate 


5.  OPTI CoQ-10 100mg /day for heart health


6.  OPTI Nattokinase: 3 capsules per day – Natural Blood Thinner

Dr. Tenpenny Shares Why We Need to Detox Every Day with a Zeolite Mineral Detox Spray

SAVE $50 and Get FREE Shipping with Your First  Bottle of Pure Body Extra Zeolite Detox Spray

You’ve probably heard me say this countless times, almost all disease is a result of two things: Excess of toxicity and a lack of nutrients, especially minerals.

Mercury, aluminum, vaccine-related chemicals, and environmental poisons including arsenic, lead, cadmium, pesticides, and volatile organic compounds are just some of what we are exposed to every day. 

By some estimates, we are exposed to over 80,000 chemicals in our daily lives in our food, water, and air. These toxic substances accumulate in our organs and our body fat leading to inflammation that affects our sleep, memory, concentration, and overall health.

Conventional medicine doesn’t have an answer to this modern problem. In fact, most physicians don’t even recognize the toxic assault of chemicals as being toxic! The solution is not found in our pharma-based healthcare system, but a natural solution comes from nature.

As a physician who has spent the last 20 years looking at ways to detox the body gently, I have found this incredible product. It is a rare natural mineral, created through a reaction of volcanic ash and seawater. It can cleanse the body down to the cellular level.  

Zeolite is a member of a family of minerals that contain both alkali and alkaline-earth metals. Clinoptilolite zeolite is the type of zeolite that has been widely studied for its ability to:

  • Flush heavy metals from the body, including toxic lead

  • Provide alkalizing minerals to support a healthy pH

  • Protect kidney function by detoxing heavy metals

  • Strengthen the immune system through removing toxins

  • Protect against leaky gut by strengthening the intestinal wall

  • And much more, as extensive clinical research shows


Read all facts, benefits and details on Pure Body Extra here.

Fulvic Acid and Trace Minerals: Essential for Health


Fulvic acid is a nutrient booster that has fulvic compounds and trace minerals known to support every system in the body, including…


  • Nourishing gut health by supporting the microbiome

  • Strengthening natural defenses by supporting immune health

  • Boosting nutrient absorption so you get more from the food you eat

  • Optimizing cellular function by delivering nutrients and removing wastes

  • Improving natural energy levels through electrolytes

  • Supporting cognitive function for brain health

  • Acting as an antioxidant to neutralize oxidative damage

  • Supporting detoxification by binding to toxins


Formed over a long time as plant matter distills into complex organic substances, fulvic acid is a rich source of revitalizing compounds that cannot be replicated in a lab.


The health potential of fulvic acid is enormous. Fulvic acid compounds are believed to work at a foundational level to improve how our cells function, supporting gut health, immune function, energy processes and more.


Basically, the complex compounds in fulvic acid are what’s missing from our food today. And there is one fulvic acid supplement that stands above all the rest…


Read all facts, benefits and details on Fulvic Minerals+ here.



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 A Tenpenny Supplement Bundle “Must Have”

Details for each item below

CoQ-10 supports cell energy production and provides wide-ranging cardiovascular support.


CoQ10 is a lipid-soluble antioxidant found in every cell in the body. CoQ10 is abundant in the mitochondrial membrane and plays an important role in the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule of chemical energy upon which all cellular functions depend. The synthesis of ATP within the mitochondria is a multi-step series of biochemical reactions called the electron transport chain. As a coenzyme, CoQ10 is required for several enzymatic reactions required to produce cellular energy and to protect the body against free radicals produced during this process. To maintain energy production, mitochondrial CoQ10 is continuously recycled from ubiquinone, its ATP production state, to ubiquinol, its antioxidant state. After the age of 35 to 40 years, endogenous synthesis of CoQ10 begins to decline. CoQ10, an essential component of cellular energy production, has been shown to extend cell life and benefit high-energy systems, namely the cardiovascular, neurological and immune systems. 

Silymarin, the main bioflavonoid complex found in milk thistle seeds, has been used to support gallbladder and liver function and to promote healthy detoxification function.


Silymarin is a flavonoid compound derived from milk thistle that supports liver function and enhances detoxification pathways. It is also used to support the gallbladder, kidneys, and spleen. Silymarin prevents the depletion of the intracellular antioxidant, glutathione, within liver cells, thereby enhancing detoxification and protecting cells from free radical activity. Due to its variety of functions, the Opti Thistle formula makes a potent addition to any liver support and detoxification program. Silymarin has a well-established safety profile and a long history of medicinal use. The Opti Thistle formula includes 200 mg milk thistle per capsule, standardized to 80% silymarin.

Opti Nattokinase is a powerful enzyme used to support normal blood flow, circulation, and maintain normal ranged blood pressure levels.


Nattokinase is a powerful enzyme used to support normal blood flow, circulation, and blood pressure levels. Maintaining healthy blood circulation and balanced coagulation is a key part of supporting cardiovascular health. Fibrinolytic enzymes, such as plasmin, produced in the endothelial cells are responsible for ensuring proper blood flow. However, production of these enzymes decreases with age, which can result in increased fibrin levels. In vitro studies have highlighted that nattokinase triggers the release of substances that lead to production of other important enzymes, like plasmin, which help regulate fibrin formation. Nattokinase also inhibits a key enzyme which causes arterial dilation to help maintain healthy blood pressure levels, and can generate tissue plasminogen activators helping to promote blood flow. While many of the agents involved in promoting healthy blood flow and coagulation either have limitations and/or serious side effects, this formulation includes potent support activity that can last for more than 12 hours and is safe for long-term use.

An amino acid, NAC has been shown in clinical studies to be an excellent means to recharge cellular glutathione, a foundational antioxidant.


Opti NAC is an amino acid that boosts antioxidant function and is a source of the conditionally essential amino acid L-cysteine. It has also been found to raise glutathione levels. Glutathione is an important antioxidant used in many different metabolic processes within the body. Maintaining adequate levels is important to maintaining the health of the respiratory, hepatic, and immune systems. It is also important in supporting antioxidant protection of lipids and proteins and supporting the normal response to inflammation. NAC is commonly used as an agent to help clear sinus and airway congestion caused by mucus overproduction. It also supports antioxidant and cellular detoxification pathways in the body.

Opti Iodine is designed to provide key nutrients for optimal thyroid and breast health.


Opti Iodine provides a synergistic blend of iodine, along with its trace mineral partner selenium, to help maintain iodine levels and reduce oxidative stress for optimal thyroid and breast health.

Activated Charcoal, Bentonite Clay Gut Health Supplement for

Detoxification & Digestive Health


Ultra Binder stick packs are Ultra-Binder in a convenient, travel-friendly packaging. This comprehensive blend of natural materials can effectively bind the wide array of environmental contaminants we encounter in everyday life. This allows our body to detoxify safely and naturally.


There is no universal binder that has an equal affinity for all harmful compounds. Ultra Binder answers that need with a comprehensive blend of natural materials that can effectively bind the wide array of environmental contaminants we encounter in everyday life. This may allow our body to detoxify safely and naturally.


The list of potentially harmful substances we encounter in daily life is long: heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, hormone mimics, drug residues, food additives, and the metabolites of mold and bacteria.


UltraBinder can latch onto them all, offering an optimized combination of zeolite, bentonite clay, activated charcoal, chitosan and Quicksilver Scientific’s proprietary mercury-binding complex, IMD Intestinal Cleanse.


Each substance may have a strong ability to bind different classes of toxins. Together they can offer a broad-spectrum binder that works across the gut to intercept and neutralize contaminants and other unwanted compounds.


And because binders can be constipating, soothing and mildly laxative acacia gum and aloe vera are added. They can support the health of the intestinal lining, normal gut motility and the growth of friendly flora.

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Heavy Metal Detox

Pure Body Extra (PBX) is Dr. Tenpenny’s favorite metal and chemical detox. ONLY $13.83
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This zeolite detox can help you to clean out your body so that it can work better.


All in one immune support Including Zinc, Quercetin, Vit D, Vit C and NAC (N-acetyl cysteine)

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The truth about polio infections and the polio vaccine are rarely discussed. What if it is very different than the story you’ve been told?


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