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Doctor, Speaker, Educator, Consultant


Doctor, Speaker, Educator, Consultant

Dr T's #1 Recommended
Heavy Metal Detox

As we are poisoned each day through air, land and water, it has never been more important to clean your body of TOXINS and HEAVY METALS

Heart Health and Vitality

This special formulation with Nitric Oxide gives you energy, curves your appetite, supports your health, lowers blood pressure and so much more.

Immune Support

The support you need to add to your daily routine in addition to your daily, safe detox. This combo contains Vit D 5000, Vit C, Quercetin and Zinc.


Since 2020 Dr Tenpenny has been warning of how the shots could harm and kill you. Today sources like the Epoch times are realizing that everything she said has come true. How much do you really know? How well can you articulate your knowledge? Get educated, be confident and informed.

Cardio Core Bundle

Here are the core supplements you need to support your heart.

Dr. T's Full Line of Supplements

Carefully hand selected supplements to support all your health needs.

Get all Your Fruits and Veggies HERE

Reality is we won't ever get the recommended dose of healthy foods we need. This powerful and tasty drink will do the job for you. Get 15% OFF your order.

Transform Your Body

Need a headstart to weight loss or want an over all healthier food source packed with clean, organic nutrients and protein? Start here.

Pair Energy with Muscle & Joint Relief

A unique blend of botanicals to optimize oxygen flow, infusing your body with natural energy. Reduces temporary inflammation and supports joints, muscle and tissue.

Heart-Healthy & Nutritious

26 organic superfoods pack a punch for heart health, brain boost, blood sugar support, immune support, digestive and eye health.

Stop the Sugar Spike

Eat the foods you love while Gluco-Control Supports Healthy Blood Sugar, Reduces Hunger After Meals, Curbs Cravings for Sweets and more

EMF Protocols and Protection

These EMF products have worked miracles for Dr. T and her team. Protect your health inside out with our Detox protocols and outside in with EMF protection.

Get Your Financial Health In Order

We have spoken a lot about fiat money vs God's money and about prepping your financial investments for the collapse of the dollar. This is our way of helping you with taking the confusion out of buying gold/silver,


Take your health education into your own hands. Learn the why and how so you will be informed and empowered. To order your Parasite Cleanse now go here:

Super Charge your DETOX

Health booster can help to unlock your natural energy, restore the gut microbiome, replenish minerals, and supercharge detox. Learn more at

Heavy Metal Detox: Gut

This detox offers a full body and gut TOXIN and HEAVY METAL detox

DrT #1 Recommended Super Fiber

It's not just fiber, it is so much more. Learn why this fiber really caught my attention when you hear my interview with Dr. Greenberg here:

Faith and Patriot Dr. T Merchandise for the Whole Family

There are so many amazing options to choose from. Get your message across loud and clear with our fun and beautiful pieces.

Home of my fave MyPillow 2.0

I enjoy so many of MyPillow's products, from slippers and doggy beds, to bath robes and bedsheets. Mike Lindell is one of our biggest supporters. When you buy from MyPillow and use code DRT you also help to support our work.