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Doctor, Speaker, Educator, Consultant


Doctor, Speaker, Educator, Consultant

Special Series: GIANTS, Sons of gods


This five-week series will examine the UFO phenomenon in great detail. We take a deep dive with interviews from people who have had up close encounters with UFOs.  You will hear their testimonies and will see that the phenomenon is complicated but all too real. There are 5 stand alone videos in the series and we will be drawing from all of them in the series. Buckle up, you’re in for some shocking content, but I can assure of this,  all of the films in the series are based on the Biblical Prophetic Narrative.

Our Bibles are the key to understanding what is appearing, with impunity in our skies.


In this series you will learn:

  • Part 1 Topic:  UFOs – The Coming Great Deception.

    UFOs are Real Burgeoning and NOT going away. We will examine several testimonies from people who seen UFOs. This is Close Encounters of the First Kind. We will also examine the testimony of Al Mathews who had an encounter with a woman who was, in his and my opinion, a hybrid being. We will discuss at length the Genesis 3:15 narrative which will  serve as an anchor to the entire series.

  • Part 2 topic: The 1947 Roswell Event

    What happened in the desert of New Mexico in 1947? Why would the 409th Bombing Group Intelligence Office, Jesse Marcel Sr. mistake a weather balloon for wreckage from another world. We will examine the testimony of two eyewitnesses about the events. Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr., who was 13 years old at the time of the crash. His father brought parts of the wreckage from the debris field to his house and Jesse Jr. saw it. Then there is Colonel Hill who was flown from Dallas Fort Worth to Roswell in an attempt to communicate with one of the occupants of the downed UFO that was still alive. This was a death bed confession.

  • Part 3 Topic: The UFO Abduction Phenomenon

    In this episode what is revealed is alarming and disturbing. People are being taken against their will. In the words of Al Mathews who was a life-long abductee, People are essentially being kidnapped and raped. Once again we will remind our viewers of what is stated in the Genesis 3:15 narrative. As Elder Brother Gary Stearman’s ground breaking presentation at the Nephilim Mounds conference in 2012 stated It’s all about the Seed!  You will hear from two women who had their babies taken from them in the third month of their pregnancies. This is episode will be disturbing to some folks so viewer discretion is advised.

  • Part 4 Topic: The UFO Abduction Phenomenon (This is the continuation of part 3.)

  • Part 5 Topic: The Crop Circle Phenomenon

    This is our latest video in our ongoing series. We will discuss at length the crop circle phenomenon. Are these incredible designs the work of hoaxers, or something else? We will show and discuss on particular crop circle that appeared in a field of corn that stood ready for harvest at 8’ high! You can’t make a crop circle in a field of corn like that. Moreover we will show that there is a connection between ancient megalithic sites in the UK and here in the USA and the crop circle phenomenon


See details below about the author and the series.


***All proceeds go to LA Marzulli for the continuation of his important work in bringing the facts of the Bible to life.

In this series you will learn:

  • Part 1 Topic: Genesis 6 is where we begin in this 1st of our 4 part series with Giants expert Pastor Doug Van Dorn. Have you ever wondered about the “Watchers”? The Sons of God taking the Daughters of Man? David and Goliath? Join this incredible discussion to learn all about it as we break it all down.

  • Part 2 topic:  THE WAR OF THE SEEDS

    • Genesis 3:15 and Deut 32:78

    • The Giant Wars of the OT

    • Jesus vs the Giants in the NT

  • Part 3 Topic:  What Happened to the Giants?

    • Their Migration West

    • The Serpent Mounds

    • The worship of the serpent (their father)


  • Part 4 Topic: 

    • The current day Nephilim – demons

    • Transhumanism and the vaccine agenda

    • The push toward immortality though violation of the Levitican law



Meet Your Instructors:

Douglas Van Dorn is a pastor with a Master of Divinity from the Denver Seminary. He has pastored the Reformed Baptist Church of Northern Colorado since 2002. He helped start the Reformed Baptist Network and has served on boards of two associations of churches. Doug has been the co-host of several radio shows and podcasts, and is currently the host of “The Iron and Myth podcast.” He is a prolific writer and researcher – I’m so looking forward to what he has to teach us about this important topic.


Expert Dr. Judd Burton is a historian and anthropologist. Judd has a master’s degree and PhD in history from Texas Tech University. He taught in academia for 20 years and is the author of such books as Interview With the Giant and Paneas.  Dr. Burton is currently the Director and Senior Fellow of the Institute of Biblical Anthropology.


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