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Doctor, Speaker, Educator, Consultant


Health Tips, Vaccines, Current Events, & More!


Health Tips, Vaccines,
Current Events,
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Join me on CloutHub Today at 9am ET 

for a This Week with Dr. T 

with featured guests Malcolm & Simone Collins

Malcom Collins, author of The Pragmatist’s Guide to Crafting a Religion, was originally a neuroscientist focused on brain-computer interface until an interest in entrepreneurship drove Malcolm to Stanford University, where he got his MBA and co-founded an art commission marketplace.  Malcolm subsequently became Director of Strategy at South Korea’s most desired source of early-stage capital, raised a search fund, and acquired a number of companies. Collectively the companies he directly ran brought in over $70M in annual top line revenue.

Simone Collins, co-author of The Pragmatist’s Guide to Crafting Religion, operates a number of companies, invests in startups, and regularly lectures on the topic of management techniques.  In the past Simone worked in VC, PE, cyber security, and online content, managing over 20,000 writers as Director of Marketing at HubPages.

The Pragmatist’s Guide to Crafting Religion studies the origins of ‘wokeism’ through the lens of of viral memetics — how this dangerous and polarizing mind virus has spread with the invention of social media and the internet era.  Malcom and Simone Collins study this phenomenon and provide solutions to fortify our minds and society from the ills of wokeism.

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on ClouthubMonday morning at 9am ET

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This new show is all about HEALTH as we dive in to the many different ailments, suggestions and solutions that affect millions of people around the world, possibly even you.  

Join me Monday June 5th at 7pm Eastern Time

with guest Dr. Shannon Kroner

Dr. Shannon Kroner has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a Master’s in Special Education. She has been working with special needs families since 2001. She is also the founder and director of the non-profit organization Freedom of Religion – United Solutions (FOR-US) in which she has built a coalition of faith leaders of many faiths to stand united for the religious freedom of vaccine choice. Her latest accomplishment is a children’s book titled I’m Unvaccinated and That’s OK! which tells the story of an unvaccinated boy, with an older vaccine injured sibling, and he shares what life is like for him and his family navigating the world with so many pressures to vaccinate.

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Toronto Mayoral Candidate Chris Saccoccia?

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Join me on CloutHub

Tuesday at 6pm ET

with my guest Pastor Artur Pawlowski

Artur Pawlowski is a Canadian pastor who was born in Poland and grew up under a Communist regime.  In 1995, he immigrated to Canada where he reconnected with his now wife Marzena who introduced him to Christianity and set him on a path to a new life.  


In 2000, his first son Nathaniel was still born with a smashed lung and his heart on the opposite side. Through the doctors’ efforts the child was revived, but the diagnoses was that his son would not survive. Artur and Marzena refused to unplugging Nathaniel from life support. The surgeon opened his tiny body in an effort to save him, but his lungs were deemed irreparable and his heart inoperable. Artur and his wife did what they could: pray. For the first time in his life, he dropped to his knees. He pleaded with God to heal his son. A few days later, the little boy defied all odds and was totally healed. This incident was best told by the doctors themselves. They called his son ‘star baby’ because he was like a baby that came from the stars.” These incidents changed Artur, and lead him to make a commitment to stop living just for himself and start living for God.


He began charity work with the homeless on the streets of Calgary which took him from a small unknown ministry to an organization that was operating from seven locations in Calgary, producing a T.V show that broadcasts to 120 million satellite dishes, distributing hundreds of thousands of meals per year, and starting similar ministries in several different countries. He became instrumental in reinstating the March for Jesus in different countries including Canada. Through the years he managed to form a number of policies that were implemented by the government to improve the lives of the poor in Canada. 
Learn more about his story, all the arrests in this fight for freedom, his trials and tribulations during his life and so much more in this short hour with me on Happy Hour.

Join me on Clouthub

Tuesday at 6pm ET 

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Join me for Happy Hour Bible Study

Thursday at 6pm ET on Clouthub

for Part 2 of The White King Series with Lee Kessler

The White Kings books are modern day allegories told through our current events from 2001 to the present.  They reveal discoveries which forced Lee to write a novel, and how that first novel proved so prophetic. These books are fiction turned reality and it all happened very quickly.


In this Part 2: This discussion will be about how America has suffered a “psychotic break.” How did we go insane as a country? The subject will be Perception Management, Public Relations, Mind Control, and Fifth Columns, and how those mechanics were inserted, embraced, and promoted in the United States.


Join us this

 Thursday at 6pm ET

on Clouthub

for The White King Pt 2

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Join Critically Thinking with these 2 doctors for an informal conversation among peers. A casual but knowledge filled conversation surrounding current events, personal thoughts and professional opinions. 
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