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Doctor, Speaker, Educator, Consultant


Doctor, Speaker, Educator, Consultant

Covid Shots: A Year in Review and Analysis of Upcoming Shots and Boosters




Quite Possibly Dr Tenpenny’s LAST Vaxxine Educational Course

This is a Jam-Packed Brand NEW Educational Course with over 90 Slides of information You NEED to Learn Today!


Did you know there are 146 different types of COVID shots in development; 33 already approved?  Have you heard about CSRQ-SM?  Most people still have NO IDEA what is going on or even that there is ANOTHER WAY!


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This is a 2 hour course, complete with eBooks and reference documents.  Scroll all the way down to add to cart now.


Dr. Tenpenny discusses a year in review since she predicted the Mechanisms of Injury in 2021 and what has transpired since.  We now see many of the injuries she discussed in the 20+ Mechanisms of Injury course and more.
This course includes a thorough analysis of the upcoming shots in the pipeline.   Did you know that as of August 12, there are 146 shots in the developmental pipeline with more than 120 clinical trials underway and 33 approved for limited or full use worldwide?
What does this mean for humanity?  For medicine?  For sickness vs wellbeing?  What are they planning?  What can we expect?  What is next?  Where do we go from here? What about Marburg, monkeypox, and polio virus “scare tactics” they are continually threatening?


Not only will you learn how to warn friends and family members about the consequences of these shots, but when those you care about start having health issues, you can help them (and their doctors) connect the dots, file a VAERS report, and educate their specialists.  You may already be seeing evidence of this within your circles and perhaps not even know it.
We are standing right over the target! This information is explosive and those in Power do not want you to know it.  It has never been more important to be armed with knowledge and education on these topics.
  • 2 Hours of presentation
    • Review of the Mechanisms of Injury (MOI) – how the covid shots can make you sick or kill you
    • Update on additional MOI
    • New understanding of the >122 Covid shots in the pipeline: What they are and why NONE are safe
    • Discussion on Monkeypox, Marburg viruses, Polio
  • Plus Video of Q&A that will likely answer any lingering questions you too may have
  • Both eBooks: 20 MOI and 20 More MOI Valued $29
  • Updated Mechanisms of Injury Complete Reference
  • 2022 Powerpoint Presentation to follow along with the Video Education
  • 2022 Summary of MOI
  • Pfizer Documents
  • Video Recording of the Webinar and Q&A
  • Written transcript of the presentation
Webinar link will be provided to participants the day before the event.
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