• Exemption Forms
    You have the right to refuse vaccines for school and for work.
  • Tests
    Find out if you have antibodies from previous vaccines or infections. Check your vitamin D level to stay well.
  • Vaccine Research Library
    A sobering, one-of-a-kind collection of links to full text medical and scientific has been amassed through thousands of hours of research. The Library exposes the dangers of vaccines.
  • Resource Center
    Dr Tenpenny’s archived radio/TV interviews, research on Bird flu, Swine flu and more.

what you’ll find here is a wealth of information that you won’t find at your pediatrician’s office. We offer unique information and links to articles showing the hazards of vaccines and the options you have for being health and vaccine-free. Navigate the tabs above and you’ll find many forms, articles and products that are difficult to find without hours of personal research.

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Articles and links are here that track the previous trends on infectious disease hypes .


We’ve gathered together references – websites and books – that we like and think you will too. Take a look and come back often for updates.


We have links to Causes that need your support.
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