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Doctor, Speaker, Educator, Consultant


Doctor, Speaker, Educator, Consultant


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"Eerily, everything she wrote about has come true..." Dr. Tenpenny

Lee’s books are modern day allegories told through our current events from 2001 to the present.


In this 4-part series, we will lay out the military strategies that have been implemented against us, and where the “enemy” has been successful, and how.   Scroll down for episode details.


This series raises awareness and empowers our people.  Lee Kessler will reveal how her discovery forced her to write a novel and how that first novel proved so prophetic the world took notice.  


Scroll through to see what you will get with these 4 amazing episodes!



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Part 1: The story and background of the White King Series. 
Lee describes the story of how this journey began, what she discovered and where the research led her.   She also explains how her acting and directing experience enabled her to “crack the code” on discoveries that the intelligence communities and media missed.


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Part 2: How America has suffered a “psychotic break.” 
How did we go insane as a country?  Part 2 is dedicated to: Perception Management, Public Relations, Mind Control, and Fifth Columns.  Learn how those mechanics were inserted, embraced, and promoted in the United States.
“White King and the Doctor” is the story of who and how they planned it. “White King Rising” is the story of the Trojan Horse that has undermined all of our foundational institutions.
“White King and the Battle of America: the Endgame” is the story of who sent the Trojan Horse and how they plan to bring about a financial Armageddon. It also reveals the beginnings of the human trafficking.
“White King and the Seat at the Table” exposes a global cabal that is implementing at this moment the final takedown of the US, and the transformation of the entire planet into a global governance, and a shocking and terrifying plan which will end our very humanness itself.
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Part 3: How we can unlock the stalemate that is paralyzing us as a people, pitting American against American, while the enemy is busy changing the world order. 
Lee will address:
  • how they did this to us, and how to free ourselves from it,
  • she will illuminate the role of fiction and storytelling in Man’s history
  • why it is so imperative at this time in order to free ourselves of the data traps that have been set, and into which we have fallen. 


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Part 4: How Lee sees the future.
What can we do in real life?  What are the solutions?  Lee covers concepts that enable people to win, and share some of the winning strategies.
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Meet Your Instructor:
Lee Kessler is a television actress, screenwriter, playwright, stage director, and e-commerce business owner. Her career in Hollywood and New York spans 40-plus years and includes dozens of guest-starring roles in episodic TV, mini-series, and movies of the week. She had reoccurring roles in the series “Hill Street Blues” and “Matlock” and was submitted for Emmy nominations twice for her starring roles in the movie “Collision Course” and the ABC special “Which Mother Is Mine?” She co-starred with Peter O’Toole in the movie “Creator.”


Lee became the first actress in the world authorized to portray the legendary diarist Anaїs Nin when her play “Anaїs Nin—The Paris Years” was produced in New York and Los Angeles, with a subsequent tour on the West Coast. She also directed the West Coast premiere of A.R. Gurney’s “Who Killed Richard Cory?”


Since the publication of her suspense novels, “White King and the Doctor,” “White King Rising,” and “White King and the Battle of America: The Endgame,” she has made numerous radio and TV appearances discussing the books’ relevance to the events we have all witnessed and experienced in the first two decades of the new millennium and has spoken often at book signings and private readings in New York and Los Angeles.
In 2008, she was inducted into the Dazzling Daughters of the American Revolution—becoming, at that time, one of only 121 women in American history to be selected for this prestigious group, which includes luminaries Susan B. Anthony, Eleanor Roosevelt and Clara Barton.


In 2014, Lee was chosen by the Secretary of the Air Force to participate in the Air War College/National Security Forum—to engage with top U.S. and foreign military officers in strategic analysis and discussions focusing on national and international security issues.


She has a passionate commitment to the youth of today, known as Generation Y, and speaks to them often about their role in keeping America free. Further, she vigorously challenges them to make the journey from being the Trophy Generation, which is their current mantle, to the Hero Generation, which she believes they can become.