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Dec 11 2021 - Heart of Freedom
Ministry Now- Daystar TV
Shot in the Dark with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
10 Ways the Shot will affect you
Del Bigtree - The Highwire
The news behind the news
They're Coming After You Next!
Common Ground with Dr T and Mike Crane
Openly and Honestly 1 episode-Estonia with Carmen Pritson and Dr. Tenpenny
The Future Gen Podcast
Dr T and Eddie Stone - Touchstone Essentials
Prof Dolores Cahill, Dr T, Sasha Stone and Imani
Special Solari Report-Catherine Austin Fits and Dr T
Camelot TV John & Irina Mappin with guest speaker Dr. Tenpenny
Love Never Dies Dr Jamie Turndorf
The Deen Show with Dr Tenpenny
HUGS OVER MASKS teams up with Dr Tenpenny
Chef Pete Evans with Dr Tenpenny
Uncover Dr Anthony Freda and Dr T
Round Table Expert Panel
Israeli News Featuring Dr T
Dr Jason Dean with Dr Tenpenny
Estonia interview NGO Estonian Parents of Vaccine Injured Children
Part 1 - TCT Television Network WRLM TV- 47
Part 2 - TCT Television Network WRLM TV- 47
Part 3 TCT Television Network WRLM TV- 47
Dr T with Ramola D
Animals first test pilots towards mandatory vaccines
Dr T and the news behind the news with john chambers and kelly
Dr Tenpenny on Travel Bridge
Dr Tenpenny & Dr George Gonzalez of Quantum Neurology
Dr Tenpenny on InfoWars with Alex Jones
Dr T on Info Wars

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