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Doctor, Speaker, Educator, Consultant


Doctor, Speaker, Educator, Consultant

Gross! I have parasites! Now what?

There’s a strong likelihood that you have parasites. It’s gross, I know, but parasitic infections are one of the most underdiagnosed conditions. Many experts suggest that 9 out of 10 Americans indeed have parasites. It’s a common problem, but most people are unaware of it, thinking that health issues are caused by something else.
Like I said, it is really gross but parasites depend on a host for survival, and humans make a great host. Three types of parasites particularly like humans: protozoa, helminths, and ectoparasites. Unfortunately, this relationship is not mutually beneficial. Parasites get their food at the expense of their host. While the parasite thrives, the human is robbed of nutrients and often plagued with gut issues. These issues can then lead to other health issues like skin problems, sleep issues or just an overall feeling of lethargy.
Parasites are opportunistic little buggers, so if you have a weak immune system, you are much more likely to contract a parasitic infection. And because they are literally everywhere, you have lots of exposure. Parasites can be in contaminated food and improperly cooked foods like pork, which is well known for containing parasites. They are also found in contaminated water and you can even get them from walking barefoot on contaminated soil. Parasites can be transmitted to a person in all sorts of ways, including insect bites, transmission of blood or fecal matter, transmission from a pet, or not washing your produce before consuming it.
Parasites are disgusting and it’s time for them to go! Luckily there is a way to safely get rid of parasites. On Monday April 3, I interviewed Dr. Jason Dean on my new Brighteon TV show On Your Health. If you missed it, you will definitely want to watch it. Catch it here. We have a great conversation and talk all things parasites. Dr. Dean also talks about his amazing Parasite Protocol, which you can learn more about at this website:  (click on Parasites). Let’s work together to rid your body of these little fiends! 

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