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Doctor, Speaker, Educator, Consultant



Friday Newsletter Quick Guide


The Countdown Continues with Just a Few Days Until Christmas!

From now until Christmas, Dr.T’s favorite items will be up for grabs.  They not only make for great stocking stuffers, but also give the gift of knowledge, health and wellness, and truth.  Great as gifts for loved ones, and maybe even yourself!  Because when you put in hard work, you deserve a little treat.  Start off the holiday season with Dr.Tenpenny!
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‘Tis the season where we ten to indulge!  Christmas time is hectic, and fun, full of events, parties and amazing people.  Do we really need to watch what we eat?  Cake, treats, cookies, carbs, are normally an ‘I’ll pass’ to our dismay.  But what if you could eat what you wanted and yet the dress or pants still fit the same or better?  What if you could enjoy festivities without temptation?  Sounds like something on your Christmas list?  Well, now you can do all this and more!





Take back control with Gluco-Control, a natural way to support healthy blood sugar, reduce cravings, and feel fuller for longer. Gluco-Control is all-natural, gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO. Simply take 1-2 capsules an hour before a meal to start feeling the difference.  


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….and go ahead and eat the cake!


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A benefit to cardiovascular health, support healthy brain function and cognition, and has alo proven to maintain a healthy inflammatory response.  Achieving the proper balance of omega-3s has become an important health strategy requiring supplementation for most people. 
Opti Mune is the perfect blueprint for Immune readiness.  The formula includes quercetin, a powerful bioflavonoid that aids in supporting the immune system. Vitamin C and N-acetyl cysteine are potent antioxidants that promote respiratory function and support the function of quercetin. Vitamin D and zinc are important micronutrients needed to create a robust immune reserve. This powerful combination works to promote healthy respiratory and immune function.  Protection of your immune system just in time for all the hugging, shaking hands, and long conversations you will be having over the holidays!

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3 Offers to Choose From!

Here is the opportunity to educate yourself on ANYTHING in my education arsenal!


In this virtual classroom, LEARN, GROW AND EXPAND YOUR MIND.
Bootcamps, best sellers, hot topics, special educators, the list just keeps on growing.  Teen and young adult courses, vaccine information including how to read package inserts and the chemicals in the shots, laws and politics, financing, prepping for your future, taking control of your medical well-being, find it all here.  Buy one or get a few to gift to loved ones.

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20 Mechanisms of Injury, The Truth About Colonoscopies, and Medical Essentials Bug Out Bag eBooks

The Truth About Colonoscopies:


A common question that Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is often asked by her clinic patients is this: ‘Should I get a colonoscopy?’


Her answer: “Not necessarily — a response that doesn’t align with the insistence from the mainstream medical community to get screening colonoscopies.  In this book, you will learn the history of colonoscopies, the risks versus the benefits, alternative non-invasive testing methods, cost of tests, and so much more.”


…procedures are performed with an endoscope, a reusable optical instrument that can be cleaned but not sterilized. In 2018, a study evaluated the rates of infection after colonoscopy and upper GI exams done in ambulatory surgery centers across the US. What was discovered was that the rates of infection were “far higher than previously believed…”
20 Mechanisms of Injury Ebook:


This Ebook is a summary of the first 20 Mechanisms of Injury, heard in my educational training webinar. 
Learn the mechanisms of how the ‘shots’ can harm and even kill you and recognize the symptoms in yourself, your family and your friends so that you can better take charge of your own health journey going forward, whether you have been injured yourself, or know others who have been.  Since the publishing of this ebook back in April 2021, we now see others finally acknowledging the information I put forward years ago.  This is a must have ebook in your library.  
This is your handbook for learning about the first 20 Mechanisms of Injury I unravelled and an opener for those who are now facing the consequences of these ‘shots’.
Medical Essentials for Emergencies Ebook:
Dr. Tenpenny and Tracey Stroup, ND, have put together this new comprehensive guide to the medical essentials you need on hand for emergencies and your Bug Out Bag.  As discussed in Dr. Tenpenny’s Learning 4 You webinar: Medical Essentials Boot Camp, this guide takes an even deeper dive into the when, why, and how to the recommended items in their detailed checklist.  
What if you are ever faced with a natural disaster or emergency? What if you have to grab your Bug Out Bag and go into the woods or the mountains and do not have access to SAFE, professional, medical attention? Learn what you need to be your own caregiver.  You may save a life, perhaps even your own.

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and give the gift of knowledge, safety, and independence.


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The cutest of Christmas items NEW at the store just in time for the festivities.  Choose one or get a few and knock some names off of your list in one shot.  And no holiday rush and crowds to deal with!


Metal ornaments, t-shirts, mugs, totes, candles with a message that is rings true to me, this year more than ever.  


Quality products handpicked to ensure my audience gets the best of the best no matter which of my stores they shop at.

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Save $250

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ECP therapy offers a multitude of benefits, from increased energy levels to heightened productivity, an overall improved quality of life, and better cardiovascular health. Athletes have benefited from ECP, witnessing enhanced blood circulation and overall heart health, ultimately boosting their performance.
Our bodies take a beating from daily demands. It can be difficult to find time for enjoyable activities that enhance our well-being with work, deadlines, and caregiving. In today’s fast-paced world, stress accumulates, resulting in adverse effects on our physical and mental health. These effects may seem minor at first, but over time, they can escalate into more serious problems. As a result of a busy, stressful lifestyle, anxiety, sleep disturbances, headaches, and more may manifest as physical pain, including muscle discomfort, heart problems, and chronic disease.
Regardless of age or profession, releasing accumulated stress is vital. In addition to supporting physical and mental well-being, ECP therapy can reset and rejuvenate the body. At Tenpenny Health Restoration Center, our experts will guide you through the process and explain what to expect during and after your sessions.
The majority of us overlook our health until we experience concerning symptoms, and sometimes, we ignore signs that should not be ignored. Our goal at Tenpenny Health Restoration Center is to promote proactive health management. Taking a proactive approach can not only aid in preventing and addressing issues more quickly, but also identify warning signs of physical and mental problems.

Get ahead of the game and start your wellness journey today with

ECP therapy.  

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Tenpenny Health Restoration Center

7372 Engle Rd., Middleburg Heights, OH

ECP Studio

1071 S. Seaward Ave., Ventura, CA