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Doctor, Speaker, Educator, Consultant



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Give Your Brain a Much-Needed Boost

This month we focus on brain wellness, and today we are particularly focusing on Opti Brain, a supplement designed to help maintain optimal cognitive function and health.
How often do you focus on your brain health? Maintaining cognitive function is an increasingly important challenge, especially with the aging population. Aging is often associated with functional changes in the brain that can affect event recall ability, thought organization, and ability for self-expression. While some memory loss is common in the aging population, factors such as free-radical damage, nutrient deficiencies, lifestyle choices and emotional stress are known to affect cognition with age. The brain is part of the nervous system, which is made up of neurons responsible for processing and transmitting information using neurotransmitters and electrical ion channels.
Maintaining the function of various aspects of neuron communication is integral to maintaining optimal cognitive function.
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Supports a Positive Mental Outlook, Boosts Neurotransmitter Activity,

and Maintains Cognitive Function and Health

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Opti Neuro Fit:
Though its exact mechanism of action in the brain is still unidentified, lithium orotate has been shown in the research to boost neurotransmitter activity, including that of dopamine and serotonin, and to reduce the activity of the excitatory brain chemical glutamate. It also plays a role in the gene expression of natural detoxification enzymes in the brain, including glutathiones-transferase, offering important brain antioxidant protection, contributing to better cognitive health and memory. 


Opti Brain:
Provides vinpocetine and ginkgo biloba to support cerebral blood circulation, decrease excitotoxicity and scavenge damaging free radicals. In addition, vinpocetine has shown to help increase cerebrvascular blood flow and improve memory.


Opti Omega:
Omega-3 fatty acids are known to benefit cardiovascular health, support healthy brain function and cognition, and have also been proven to maintain a healthy inflammatory response, achieving the proper balance of omega-3s has become an important health strategy, requiring supplementation for most people. 

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Dr. Tenpenny was one of the first to predict what would damages would occur due to these shots from way back in April 2021 when she released the first 20 Mechanisms of Injury Webinar and ebook.  Now we see the world catching up with the information she had warned about.  

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LIVE and Interactive Q&A with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

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In a world where heart damage, infertility, miscarriages, turbo cancers, and other serious health concerns are on the rise, it’s natural to question the safety of Covid shots. Our webinar is designed to address these concerns, offering clarity on whether symptoms, illnesses, and deaths we are seeing today may be linked to the shots. As we predicted the potential damages back in 2021, fast forward to the millions of people who have taken the shots, the demand for this crucial information remains high in 2024.
Back in 2021, Dr. Tenpenny warned against the influence of celebrity endorsements, monetary incentives, and media misinformation. Now, in 2024, we continue to stand by our prediction of potential chronic illness and deaths linked to these injections. The urgency to educate yourself and others on the critical information provided in this webinar cannot be overstated.  Despite facing censorship and attacks, we remain steadfast in delivering this explosive information because it is crucial for you to be well-informed. Arm yourself with the knowledge to articulate and accurately explain the risks associated with these shots, as well as the damages they have inflicted on humanity.


Elevate your understanding and empower yourself with the knowledge needed to navigate these critical health discussions.

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Come and ask me your questions regarding the mechanisms of injuries I have been talking about for years.


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A classic bestseller, this custom designed mug is for those who truly believe there’s nothing better than a cup of your favorite beverage in hand with a message to let everyone what is most important to you.


Inspired by my life’s work, this is one of my very favorite mugs in my store.  Perfect to use when you join me for my podcasts each week.

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Penn State Study Shows Correlation Between Vaccines and Brain Disorders

Posted: 04/18/2018
Researchers from Penn State’s college of medicine and Yale’s school of medicine have discovered that the timing of when vaccines are given may be related to major brain disorders.


Using insurance data for children ages 6-15, which dated back 5 years, the researchers learned that kids vaccinated within 3 to 12 months of the study were more likely to have one of many neuropsychiatric disorders. The results were accomplished by comparing the vaccinated with the unvaccinated within the same parameters.


Almost 100,000 children’s data was used in the research.  The neurological disorders that were typically found were attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, anxiety disorder, anorexia nervosa, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, and bipolar disorder.


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Do Not Fret

Consider now the lilies…

Philippians 4:6-7 
Do not fret or have anxiety about anything, but in every situation let your petitions [specific requests] be made known to God through prayers, with thanksgiving. And then God’s peace, which goes far beyond anything we can imagine, will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

If you’ve been following my On Walking With God substacks (and my Happy Hour podcasts) for a while now, you know I have often said, “Thoughts are things; words have power; and definitions are important.” defines FRET this way:
To feel or express worry, annoyance, discontent
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The Disgusting Chemicals in Vaccines: polysorbate 80

A Food Chemical That Should Not Be Ingested Or Injected

In case you missed the last to installments to this series, you can find the article about cows here and about chickens here.


Polysorbate 80, also known as Tween™ 80, is made from sorbitol and the plant-based fatty acid, oleic acid. It is found in many products, from beverages to personal care products, especially lotions. It is also a solubilizer. For example, as a solubilizer in mouthwash, it helps dissolve ingredients so that they can more easily blend together. Polysorbate 80 is an emulsifier or defoamer in foods, making them creamy and smooth. It is used in vitamins, medicines, and vaccines to stabilize the ingredients and lengthen the shelf life.
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