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The Perfect Blueprint for Immune Readiness

What is immune readiness exactly? Now that September is around the corner, think of immune readiness as a post summer tuneup. Get more sleep and regular exercise. Minimize stress. Maintain a healthy weight. Don’t smoke and drink alcohol only in moderation. Eat a diet loaded with fruits and vegetables. However, even with a great diet, your body still needs specific nutrients to keep your immune system primed, prepared and ready for action. Filling your body’s important nutrient needs will build up those immune reserves. Nutrients can prepare your body for both surveillance and action. Opti Mune supplements have the optimum blend of vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc paired with the plant flavonoid quercetin and n-acetyl cysteine (NAC) to get your immune system ready for anything, for as long as you need it. And it’s convenient; you don’t have to buy five separate supplements. The Opti Mune option is affordable and is safe for long-term use. It contains zero herbs that could stimulate a sensitive immune system. I consider Opti Mune as the  “perfect blueprint for immune readiness”.  


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Opti Mune is a great broad-spectrum supplement with five targeted nutrients that help immune systems.  N-acetyl cysteine helps the body refuel glutathione, the body’s master antioxidant. Quercetin is great because it decimates free radicals and balances cytokine levels to balance the immune system. Zinc directly supports several types of immune cells, and vitamins C and D are powerful antioxidants that provide a multitude of protective effects.

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18 Little Known Facts About College Meningitis Vaccines

Posted: 08/08/2023

When I wrote this back in 2017, middle schools across the country were trying to strong arm parents into meningitis vaccines. Sadly, that has become the norm, with kids jabbed at age 11 and a booster follow up at age 16. Most colleges require this vaccine as well. While requirements have become stricter since I wrote this six years ago, my 18 facts about meningitis and meningitis vaccines have not changed. They still old true today, having withstood the test of time. As parents across the nation gear up again to send  their children for school, we thought this was worth a reprint.

I posted a blog article about the fraudulent letters being sent to parents in Ohio, and actually across the country, about a new meningitis vaccine said to be a requirement for school. If you missed it, you can read it here. 


As middle schools are trying to strong arm parents into vaccinating their pre-teens without giving them information on their right to refuse, colleges are becoming equally aggressive about forcing the meningitis jab – and other vaccines – prior to granting access to higher education.
Read the full article below…


Vaccines are touted as the most important public health contribution of the 21st century. We are told vaccines are safe; vaccines are effective – i.e. they protect you from getting sick; and that vaccines are so important, vaccines should be mandatory for all.


But are vaccines safe? Have then even been appropriately tested for safety?

Webster’s dictionary defines “safe” as involving no risk and being unable to cause trouble or damage.
In this presentation, we will examine the truth behind vaccine safety.


  • The various strange study designs that are used to declare a vaccine is safe
  • Vaccines studies do not follow the Gold Standard for biological research
  • Vaccine studies do not use a placebo to test for safety
  • Vaccine studies compare one vaccine to another vaccine for safety
  • Vaccine studies eliminate participants from the final analysis who have had adverse reactions
  • Only healthy participants are enrolled into vaccine trials
  • The WHO’s guidelines regard the use of a placebo in safety trials to be ‘unethical’
Prepare for the next time you hear someone say “vaccines are safe”.  Know the core concepts to refute this premise.

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A famous line from the movie Sound of Freedom.  A statement to always keep in mind, front and center.  Act when you hear Him for when he speaks, it is with purpose.  This phrase really stood out for me after watching the film.  Perhaps because I have had the experience myself, or maybe because there will be more instances.  Either way, Lord I’m all ears.


Who is with me on this one?

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Who Do You Obey?

You Are a Slave to the One You Follow

Romans 6:16

(Holman) “Don’t you know that when you offer yourselves to someone as obedient slaves, you are slaves of the one you obey; either of sin, which leads to death, or of obedience, which leads to righteousness?


(Amplified) “Do you not know that when you continually offer yourselves to someone to do his will, you are the slaves of the one whom you obey; either [slaves] of sin, which leads to death, or [slaves] of obedience, which leads to righteousness (right standing with God)? 
A few days ago, I was at a bank branch that I frequent for business reasons. I asked a very kind teller why she continued to wear a mask when the covid infection was behind us, the weather outside was in the 70s, and not a single other person in the branch has worn a mask for months.

At first, she was very defensive and said, “It’s a personal choice.”


Full article at link below….


The expression, “vaccines are safe and effective” is repeated in virtually every article and textbook that wants to only advance the positive aspects of vaccination. As a parent and a patient, we assume that when we hear “vaccines are effective,” it means that the “vaccine will keep me from getting sick.”


But is that really what effective means, when it comes to vaccines?
In this presentation, you will learn the following about vaccine efficacy:


  • What is the dictionary definition of effective
  • Why vaccines are effective but why effective is not a synonym for protection
  • The fully vaccinated are not protected during outbreaks
  • The fully vaccinated may still contract tetanus

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Dr. Peter McCullough has the mic for this interview.

Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Tenpenny discuss the “other vaccines” on the Childhood Schedule. Two years into this Era of “The Covid”, more and more doctors, scientists, and medical professionals are opening their eyes to the fact that they have long been deceived by their Medical Associations, Colleges, Regulatory Bodies, Journals, and more. Dr. McCullough realized this after his experience with medical censorship and his collaborations and research with the Covid Shots.


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What About Tetanus Shots?

Find part 1 HERE.

What about Tetanus shots?

The tetanus toxoid vaccine was introduced in 1938 as a compulsory vaccine only for military personnel. In the US, DPT vaccines were given as a single dose starting in 1950. In 1974, the current shot schedule – giving DTP or DTaP – at 2,4 and 6 months of age began.  Tetanus and Diptheria toxins in the shots, extracted from C. diphtheriae and from C. tetani, respectively, are treated with formaldehyde to convert the toxin to a toxoid which is then adsorbed onto aluminum to ostensibly increase the antibody response to the injection. This process was developed in the 1920s and has never been changed – or retested for efficacy. And 100 years later, neither have the injections been challenged for necessity.
Full article at link below….

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