Vaccine Titer Tests

Vaccine Titer Tests
A vaccine titer (pronounced tie-ter) is the measure, or level, of antibodies in the blood stream.  Order Titer Tests Here

DirectLabs has been in business for more than 20 years and I have been associated with this company since 2004 as a medical advisor. Through exclusive arrangements with, vaccine titer testing is now available directly to you. DirectLabs is a direct-to-consumer testing company, making many routine health tests available at a discount and without your doctor’s order.

Understanding Titer Tests

The term titer, (pronounced with a long “i”), refers to the strength or concentration of a substance in a solution. Testing vaccine titers is done through a blood test that can identify the presence of antibodies induced by vaccinations. If the levels are satisfactory, the person is considered to have “protective antibody” and is considered to be “sufficiently immune” to the disease. You can argue that no further vaccination is necessary at this time. The tests can be ordered for both children and adults and the “protective levels” are the same in all age groups.

Titer tests do not distinguish between antibodies generated by vaccination and those generated by natural exposure to disease agents through infection. A person may have developed a positive antibody titer through a variety of mechanisms:

  • By being vaccinated;
  • By becoming ill and recovering from the infection;
  • By being exposed to someone with the infection but without having any symptoms of the disease: or
  • By a combination of the above.

Therefore, titer tests measure a “primed pump” that comes from an interaction between a viral or bacterial particle and the immune system. Most conventional medical personnel agree that when an adequate antibody titer is present, the person is considered to be immune. Vaccine titers can be used to determine the need for additional vaccines and are a reflection of the ability of the immune system to respond to an antigen.

How Do I Get the Test?

In the past, an order to draw a titer level to a particular vaccine antigen had to be written by your doctor. Now, it is possible for you to order these tests through Direct Laboratories without an order from your doctor. The tests are currently available for the following vaccines:

  • Measles (listed as rubeola)
  • Mumps
  • Rubella
  • Hepatitis B (order all tests on panel – particularly IgG)
  • Hepatitis A
  • Varicella-zoster (chickenpox)

You can order these tests directly. The advantages are:

  • For patients that have a very high insurance deductible and most test are paid for out of pocket
  • For patients who do not have a physician
  • For patients that want more information about their health but do not want the time, expense and, in the case of vaccine titers, the potential struggle with a physician to get the tests you want.
  • For patients who want the results to be private.
Doctors May Resist Vaccine Titer Testing
Doctors are hesitant to adjust any clinical regimen they have adopted or is accepted as “usual and customary.” All children are vaccinated with all doses of vaccine, regardless if the additional doses are needed to create an antibody response. Vaccination protocols should not be a one-size-fits-all healthcare.
In veterinary medicine, there is increasing evidence that over-vaccination is linked to acute and chronic diseases in dogs. Dr. Jean Dobbs, once considered a rebel by the veterinary profession, has uncovered this link and speaks nationally on the topic of over-vaccination. Subsequently, veterinarians have begun to use annual titer tests to determine the need for additional vaccinations:
  • “Except where vaccination is required by law, all animals, but especially those dogs or close relatives of the dog that has previously experienced an adverse reaction to vaccination, can have serum antibody titers measured annually instead of revaccination. If adequate titers are found, the animal should not need revaccination until some future date. Rechecking antibody titers can be performed annually, thereafter, or can be offered as an alternative to pet owners who prefer not to follow the conventional practice of annual boosters.”   (REF: Twark and Dodds, 2000) Dr. Dobb’s animal vaccine protocol is here.

This option is now available to humans too!

The escalating illness seen in children across the country may be caused by the large numbers of vaccines children are now receiving: More than 100 vaccine antigens and measurable amounts of chemicals are injected in children by the time they are 5 years of age. Because titers are not routinely ordered, many of these children are being over vaccinated with boosters that they do not need.

Who should get a titer test:

  • Parents who want to know if their children are immune and need more vaccines
  • Parents who want to know if the vaccines “worked”
  • Parents who want the ability to tailor the sizable vaccination schedule to their child’s needs
  • Adults who are being required to obtain vaccinations for work
  • Adults who are in or are considering joining the Military to avoid additional vaccinations

How to Do It

  1. Click on use this link. 
  2. Choose the titer test(s) you wish to obtain
  3. Add in credit card information
  4. You will be emailed a laboratory form (requisition) as an attachment
  5. You MUST print out this form and take it with you to the nearest LabCorp blood draw center.
  6. A MapQuest option will help you find LabCorp center nearest to you.
  7. When the tests are completed, the results will be emailed to YOU DIRECTLY. You can share the information or keep it to yourself.
  8.  You can turn your lab test receipt into your insurance company for attempted reimbursement.
  9. A table of the antibody levels considered to be “protective”  here: Antibody titer table

What tests do I order?

Most tests have an explanation of what they are on the order page. For Hepatitis b titers:

a. For immunity to hepatitis b vaccine, order Hepatitis B Surface Ab Titer
b. To determine current infection, or if past infection with hepatitis b, order Hepatitis b Surface Ag (+/-) test
c. To determine if chronic carrier state, order Hep b Core Ab

In addition, other panels are available for your overall health. Use this link to learn more

  • 10 most important common health panels for women and men
  • Breast health tests: Urine iodine, Vitamin D level, and estrogen risk factors
  • Blood type testing for the Blood Type Diet by Dr. Peter D’Adamo
  • Thyroid panel: TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3 and anti-Thyroid peroxidase antibodies
  • Cardiovascular Risk panel: VAP, Homocystine, cardiac C-reactive protein and wellness panel 

Vaccine phone consults are available by appointment and for a fee. 

Please call 440-239-3438 to schedule an appointment to speak with Dr. Tenpenny about your lab tests and other vaccine concerns. 

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