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Swine Flu Hype is truly the next round, following the 2006 episode of bird flu. Scan the articles and sections on the Bird Flu Hype page. History is repeating itself…only worse.
This section contains important quick links for your research and references. Interviews with Alex Jones at bottom of the page.


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The Truth About the Flu Shot

by: Dr. Tenpenny


With flu shot season coming and the blitz to push the swine swine flu vaccine, here are the things you need to know. The Truth About the Flu.  Continue Reading


A Plan Comes Together: The Sheep Obey
by: Dr. Tenpenny


So far, few of the anxious patients have had more than runny noses. The most disturbing revelations about these scenarios? They knew this was the way we would respond. What was published in 2006 has become fact in 2009.  Continue Reading


Swine Flu vs. Bird Flu: Update
by: Dr. Tenpenny
May 1, 2009
The Swine flu hype is ramping up. Remember Bird Flu hype in 2006, caused by the H5N1 virus that was “supposed” to be the next pandemic? The claim was the death rate was 50%. Only the deaths of very ill persons who died in hospitals and had a positive test for H5N1 were reported. Continue Reading


Swine Flu:  The “New” Bird Flu

by: Dr. Tenpenny

April 26, 2009 

We knew this was coming. Even though the bird flu hype was removed years ago from the nightly news, planning for the global pandemic and the development of pandemic flu vaccines has continued with little notice.  Continue Reading

Swine Flu Shots are Hazardous Waste
All used multi-dose vials of H1N1 vaccine and the Novartis H1N1 pre-filled syringes that contain a trace of mercury must be treated as hazardous waste. Continue reading

Flu Shot Experimentation On The Military




 Important Reference Materials 

> International H1N1 vaccine table  vaccines & pgk inserts   go

> BARDA Table: $1b purchase of vaccine and adjuvant  go

> MF59 fact sheet   go

> PREP Act: 2006 Public Readiness & Emergency Prep. Act go

(mandatory vaccination guidelines)

Pandemic Flu Plans for All 50 States go

> National Scientist Panel Recommendations go

> Pandemic Planning Phase VIDept of HHS (pdf) go

> 2009 flu shot and H1N1 package inserts here  


Important Links
 Annual Influenza deaths — only 1,300 per year proof
 PandemicFlu Tool Box: download fliers, powerpoint tools, etc. here


> CDC: Meeting on Adjuvants, Part I   go

> CDC: Meeting on Adjuvants, Part II   go

> CDC: Swine Flu Strategy, go

> CDC: H1N1 update go


> FDA: Fraudulent H1N1 products go


 Swine Flu 1976


> Swine flu, Part 2 Media’s vaccine injury dichotomy go


> 1976 Public service ad for swine flu vaccine go



FOWL! Bird Flu, It’s Not What You Think   ON SALE NOW $19.95  here


Written in 2006, Alex Jones calls FOWL, “Absolutely Prophetic.”


 Key Swine Flu  Info


Does anyone believe this woman? 




Is Massachusetts setting the course for mandatory vaccination and quarantine? Or, is this going on in every state and MA is just the most visible?





This is the Retired Ret Chief medical Officer for Finland condemns the Swine Flu issues and

explores other related matters.





                             VIDEO: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on Alex Jones: Swine Flu.  July 30, 2009 view now  Congressman Ron Paul MD, R-TX on the Swine Flu Scare video
AUDIO: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on Alex Jones, Interview I: Swine Flu Update from Monterrey, Mexico April 27, 2009 listen Comic Relief: Jon Stewart Slams Media Swine Flu Fear Mongering view
VIDEO: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on Alex Jones, Interview II: Swine Flu Update from Monterrey, Mexico April 27, 2009 view now Swine Flu Tracker.  Tracking the spread of swine flu in real time.  view
AUDIO: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on The Alex Jones Show: Mexican Design Virus? April 30, 2009 listen Swine Flu Skeptic Ron Paul, MD, R-TX on ABC: The Sky Isn’t Falling! 4/30/09 watch
Jim West is one of the best researchers connecting chemicals and viruses. He is the BEST researcher in the world on POLIO. He has put together a website looking at the swine flu virus outbreak and the connection to chemicals.  Go Will a pandemic lead to Martial Law?  New law inMassachusetts watch
Alex Jones Interviews Dr. T

An Interview on Swine Flu
July 30, 2009   


 View Now

Dr T on Swine flu — UTube #1

Dr T on Swine flu — UTube #2

The Oath Keepers: Service people who swear to uphold the Constitution and who are unwilling to obey unlawful orders. watch
Say No to The Vaccine

by Trillion
Amazing rapper and video footage, telling WHY you must say no to the swine flu vaccine  Pure Politics & Impure Science  
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