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Health Tips, Vaccines,
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The Wide Spectrum of Stress Levels

Are you wired or are you tired? People who are stressed often complain of being both. These days, we are all always on the go, and that contributes to stress levels. Perhaps you feel you just can’t calm down? Stress has a broad definition. Any disturbance to our bodies – poor sleep, physical or psychological stress, extreme temperatures, exposure to toxins and work overload – can all trigger the body’s stress response. Initially, this response is an alarm which sends a signal to the brain to indicate the body is in jeopardy, thus the feeling of not being able to calm down.


Opti Stress Support is a blend of nutrients specifically formulated to counteract the negative effects of that daily stress on the body. One capsule twice a day for stress reduction could help get your stress is under control.
On the other side of the spectrum, prolonged unaddressed stress can lead to the third stage of the body’s stress response, which is exhaustion and leads to having no energy and no motivation to accomplish anything. Extended periods of stress create a great burden on our body, and also creates an imbalance in cortisol and DHEA. All of this results in the signs so characteristic of stage 3 stress – physical and mental fatigue, poor memory, irritability and decreased immunity to fight disease.  For this, a suggestion would be to take Opti Energy Support.
Wired? Tired? Consider trying one of these great supplements to strengthen your body’s response.
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New VAERS Data as of Nov.18, 2022 (posted Nov.25, 2022)

35,098 Total Deaths and 1,573,588 Total Adverse Events
32,295 Pfizer/Moderna and 2,803 J&J Deaths

 1,477,814 Pfizer / Moderna and 95,774 J&J Adverse Event

SUBSTACK - On Walking with GOD
Nov.27, 2022 Edition

Call on Me and I will answer

We Will Live by His Truth 

Psalm 86: 7, 12,13

I call on You in the day of my distress, for You will answer me…. Teach me Your way, Yahweh, and I will live by Your truth. Give me an undivided mind to fear Your name. I will praise You with all my heart, Lord my God, and will honor Your name forever.

Psalm 86 is so beautiful. David was crying out to God for courage at a time when his enemies were trying to kill him. After he made his petitions for help to God, he then praised and worshiped the Lord for His power, trustworthiness, and goodness.


We all have stress in our lives. More than 50% of patients that I’ve seen at Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center in the last year or so lists ‘anxiety’ and/or ‘insomnia’ as their chief complaint.


At those moments, I wish I could toss all the ‘medical work up stuff’ out the window and simply pray with these folks.


  • I would pray they would lay their worries at the foot of the Cross. 
  • I would pray they would keep their eyes fixed on Him instead of the problem.
  • I would pray the Be Attitudes with them – reminding them that worry doesn’t add a day to their life.
  • I would pray that they be assured God is in control and He doesn’t want them to have a divided mind – split between worry and rest. He wants us to rest in Him.
  • I would pray for them to embrace the Lord’s promise that He will never abandon us in times of stress.
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The word polio has long burned images into the collective psyche. In fact, 63 years after the polio vaccine was released (in 1955) when asked, “What pops into your head when you hear the word polio?” – the vast majority still say: paralysis, kids with braces. FDR, March of Dimes, or iron lung machines.

The truth about polio infections and the polio vaccine are rarely discussed. What if it is very different than the story you’ve been told?


The Tenpenny Files Podcast and The Tenpenny Report exposes the truth about the vaccine industry. As a result, we are being censored… Click here to read full message


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Isaiah 41:10
Don’t be afraid, because I’m with you; don’t be anxious, because I am your God. I keep on strengthening you; I am truly helping you. I’m surely upholding you with my victorious right hand.”
Thank you for being a light of hope in our mission,
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