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20+ Mechanisms of Injury - Video Education Package

This is an intense, Double Package, three-part Video Training, complete with eBooks, reference documents, and Transcripts on the 40 Mechanisms of Injury caused by the “shots”, PLUS 2 BONUS Q&A sections.  Refer to and replay this training over and over again at your leisure to fully understand these 40 Mechanisms of Injury.

You will receive the Newest 20+ Mechanisms of Injury (MOI) package, which has double the MOI from the last training, PLUS you will also receive the video and transcript package from the original 20 MOI webinar.    Not only will you learn how to warn friends and family members about WHY they should not take the shot, but when those you care about start having health issues, you can connect their problems with the shots, file a VAERS report, and educate your physicians.

NOTE: This education is for informational purposes only.  The content is mainly about the INJURIES associated with the shots.   There is some discussion about transmission.

If you have previously purchased the 20 Mechanisms of Injury Video Training, contact us at with a copy of your receipt for a special coupon for this NEW package.

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