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“Holy Spirit, thank You that Your power is present to infuse, execute and establish everything fully and completely that is prayed for ___________________ (Insert name of person), or (the name of a specific group of people to be included in the prayer, (individually and collectively).

➢ “As I speak the words of this prayer, I do so by faith in the authority of the Name and the power of the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth Who came in the flesh.”

➢ “Let any programmed changes, hindrances and blocking mechanisms that have been established to obstruct the language and effectiveness of this prayer be permanently destroyed by the fire of Holy Spirit.” ➢ “Lord Jesus, may You be glorified as Your miraculous healing and powerful transformations are performed.” 

Please speak the following prayer statements exactly as written:
  1. “Let the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit of Almighty God cleanse, sever, remove, and destroy all of the following elements (including all backups, replacements, double portions and original designs):
    • “All defects of all genes by correcting any mutations, retrieving any deletions, and removing any additions.”
    • “All abnormal epigenetic tags that promote disease and destruction, so that the DNA is re-established in perfect balance to the Golden Mean.”
    • “All imprinting on all genes established by the iniquity and idolatry of generational bloodlines and every abusive word, action and/or person.”
  2. “Let the declared nano-healing prayers be enforced by Your life-giving Spirit and protected by Your Heavenly Hosts.”​
  3. “Let the DNA and RNA proofreading and repair processes that God created be made concise and accurate to maintain the purity of the DNA and RNA that has been cleansed and healed.”
  4. “Retune the resonance and frequency of the DNA and RNA to its original heavenly resonance and frequency until it is restored in perfect harmony with God’s plan and ordained destiny.”
  5. “Let the frequencies of the faith-filled words of this prayer be aligned with the frequencies of the faith of Heaven to destroy the ability of each pathogen and spike protein causing infirmity, disease, and death
  6. “Father, in Your loving kindness, let all of the following elements — that were used in the development, manufacturing and/or preservation of all pathogens and injections received — be encapsulated in the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came in the flesh and destroyed by the fire of Holy Spirit.”
 “Plant, fungi, mammal, fish, reptile, bird, insect, microorganism and human components, synthetic and natural mRNA, RNA and DNA, as well as all nanotechnology, heavy metals, stabilizers, gelatin, antibiotics, adjuvants, carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, salts, acids, bases, culture media and other toxins and chemicals.”
  1. “Let changes to any part of the body, that were caused by any infection or injection, be corrected and restored to Your original design and function. Let all pathogenic priming and programming of inflammation, autoimmune disease, antibody dependent enhancement, and cognitive behavioral changes be cleansed from the immune system, mind, and body.”
  2. “Let the neuroplasticity of the nervous system engage in synaptic pruning to remove the neural connections that were damaged. Let the neural nets of all conditioned fear responses to disease and death be disengaged and destroyed by the fire of Holy Spirit. Let new neural pathways of love, power and soundness be created in their place until the love of the Prince of Peace rules and reigns once again.”
  3. “Let the layers and additive adverse effects impacting the heart, soul, mind, strength and body, as a result of each injection or transmission received, be destroyed by the fire of Holy Spirit.”
  4. “I command the power of all viruses, virus particles, and spike proteins being transmitted from injected people TO CEASE immediately, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth Who came in the flesh.”
  5. “Let all adverse effects of transmitted pathogens and spike proteins — especially to the nervous, cardiovascular, hematologic, respiratory, and reproductive systems — be arrested. Let the redemptive power of Holy Spirit be applied until health and wholeness are restored.”
  6. “Let each spike protein be returned to the enemy’s counterfeit corona (crown) and all of it delivered to the Abyss on a crown of thorns.”
  7. “Father, please observe and collapse all quantum superposition entanglements between (person/group) and the various purposes, components and adverse effects of all pathogens and injections. Let these entanglements and associated memories be cleansed from their entire being to the quantum level with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth Who came in the flesh and sent to the Lake of Fire. Let these entanglements be replaced with an unbreakable quantum superposition entanglement with the Lord Jesus Christ.”
  8. “Let the declared Dark Energy Prayer Procedures be enforced and executed now.” ➢ “Lord Jesus, Your Word states the last enemy to be destroyed is death. You have the keys of the unseen world and of Death. Therefore, let the power of Your death, burial and resurrection be applied to all pathogens and injections that have accumulated in the body. Let their evil power to cause disease and death be totally removed and destroyed.” (1 Cor 15:26, Rev 1:18)” ➢ “Thank You for delivering us from the perilous pestilence and the promise that no plague may come near our dwelling. (Ps 91:3,10)” ➢ “You became a curse for us and by Your stripes we were healed.” (Gal 3:13, Isa 53:5, 1 Peter 2:24)” ➢ “Lord Jesus, we give You all the thanks and praise for You are Yahweh-Rapha, the One Who heals.

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