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Doctor, Speaker, Educator, Consultant


Doctor, Speaker, Educator, Consultant



In a world full of toxins that are truly unavoidable,

help is here…

Research Shows that Your Body Is Exposed to

Over 80,000 Known Toxins Every Day…

Everyday exposure to a variety of heavy metals in air, food, and water adds up. Most heavy metals accumulate in the body where they can affect multiple organs and systems and create health issues.

Have a listen to 5 ways we are being poisoned daily

With over 300 studies listed on on the beneficial properties of the zeolite Clinoptilolite, this mineral has gained increasing renown for its natural ability to trap toxins, heavy metals and environmental pollutants.

But not all zeolites are created the equal.

Pure Body Extra is made up of only TWO ingredients…clinoptilolite (zeolite) and pure water.  That’s it!  It’s preservative-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and 100% natural.


Other zeolites try to compare themselves to PBX but the truth is, the facts don’t compare.  Pure Body Extra is lab tested by a third-party for purity, and effectiveness.  And yes, we have seen the results which is why this product is my #1 recommended heavy metal detox spray.  Not only have we seen it and recommend it, but it is also in my daily regimen as well as my entire team’s.

Some common questions we receive:
If zeolite is formed from silicon and aluminum, can aluminum be released into the body?
There is no “free” aluminum in the zeolite; it is part of the molecular structure of the zeolite. This form of aluminum is totally inert and does not interact with the body in any way, as proven in numerous studies.
This is further demonstrated in our third-party tested chemical analysis, where the zeolite cage was dissolved using a strong acid mixture called Aqua Regia, and shows the chemical constituent of aluminum.
The molecular structure of zeolite is indestructible in the body. Zeolites are neither water nor fat soluble, and the molecule can withstand high heat.
Is it safe to use this Zeolite in a nanoparticle that can cross the Blood Brain Barrier?
It’s not a nano technology.  It’s just nano sized, in that it’s been inserted into a water molecule.
There is nothing unnatural about it. It’s just been very finely milled.
We properly size the zeolite for maximum absorption and thoroughly clean it for effective detox potential; with third-party testing every step of the way.
The zeolite in Pure Body Extra undergoes a proprietary milling process that reduces the size of each of the zeolite “cages” to the nanometer range.
Many providers simply mechanically pulverize the zeolite cages, which can damage the cages and “break” the negative charge, rendering those zeolite cages completely ineffective. Our proprietary processing delivers intact zeolite cages, for negatively-charged zeolites optimally sized for absorption.
We then “clean” the zeolite in a multi-step proprietary process that releases any existing heavy metals and toxins from the zeolite cages, removes them, and replaces those toxins with the exchangeable cations calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium.
These cations are then “exchanged” in the body when heavy metals and toxins are encountered, giving the body a calcium or magnesium ion in exchange for a lead, mercury, cadmium ion or other toxin. Even so, the “amount” of calcium, potassium, magnesium or sodium received into the body (in exchange for the toxin) is so minute it is not considered a form of supplementation of that mineral.
Will zeolite remove good minerals in addition to the bad heavy metals?
No, zeolites only have an affinity for heavy metals and toxins. Clinoptilolite is a rare negatively-charged mineral. Most toxins and heavy metals are positively-charged. Like a magnet, the zeolite attracts and then traps positively-charged toxins before passing through the body.
What makes zeolite so special is that it is highly selective and ONLY takes out toxins.
During our proprietary cleansing process, the zeolite is filled with minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. When it takes in a “bad” ion such as lead, it gives back a “good” ion such as calcium to the body. That means there is NO mineral depletion.
This swapping bad for good (or cation exchange) is what makes zeolite a highly effective and safe detox.

Rid Your Body of Toxins, and Experience Improved Energy and Well-Being with Pure Body Extra