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Doctor, Speaker, Educator, Consultant


5 Reasons You Need NAC For Glutathione Production


NAC is an essential amino acid, but you may have never heard about it. NAC is short for N-acetyl cysteine and it is a versatile amino acid and building block crucial to many body and cell functions.

Perhaps most important of all, NAC is a necessary precursor for making gluatathione, an essential substance for cellular and liver detoxification. Here are five reasons why you need NAC now.

1.    NAC boosts glutathione levels. NAC is one of the very few antioxidants known to actually raise glutathione levels, which are critical for liver health.

2.    NAC counteracts the effects of daily toxins. Excess body weight, smoking, and alcohol use all can deplete glutathione levels and production within the body. When glutathione levels are good, detoxification is enhanced and cells are protected from free radical activity by this powerful antioxidant.

3.    NAC supports glutathione, which is known as the master antioxidant. In turn, glutathione removes damaging toxins from the liver on a daily basis. The toxins come from pollution, processed food, smoking, alcohol and medications. The stresses of 21st century life mean that most people live with glutathione depletion; our bodies simply cannot keep up with the toxic overload of our modern world.

4.    NAC helps prevent glutathione depletion. When depleted, less glutathione means that more oxidative stress occurs and that means more cell death. NAC supports glutathione production, and glutathione keeps your cells – including  your immune cells – healthy.

5.    NAC reduces the effect of excess body fat, particularly in the liver. People with excess body fat overproduce several damaging proteins, all of which cause oxidative stress, which in turn depletes glutathione.

Convinced you need more glutathione? Most of us do. Glutathione is made of three amino acids: cysteine, glutamine, and glycine. While you can get these through dietary consumption of meats, fish and fruits, most of us truly benefit from a supplement. NAC is a stable cysteine derivative known to help your body produce glutathione. Get this important essential amino acid today.



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