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Furry Friend Calmness

Fourth of July fireworks are right around the corner, and while they may be your favorite, they are likely going to cause anxiety for your pet. Loud noises and bright lights can startle your animals. Keep them safe by making sure they are inside during fireworks celebrations or in an escape-proof environment.
Of course, this may not be enough to keep your pet calm, but there is more you can do.
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Dr. Jonathan Otto on Clouthub


Jonathan Otto is an investigative journalist and filmmaker. His films have received tens of millions of views, and are the go-to resources for millions of people around the world when it comes to understanding and reversing autoimmune disease, cancer, dementia, depression, anxiety, and the controversial issue of our time: COVID-19, and the “vaccine”.

His advocacy is about putting an end to needless suffering. Some of his popular films include Vaccine Secrets: Covid Crisis, Covid Secrets, CoVenom 19, Autoimmune Secrets, and Bible Health Secrets. Jonathan was also a producer on the hit series The Truth About Cancer, and The Truth About Vaccines. 

Jonathan has also received multiple awards from the Australian government for his humanitarian work in the developing world, including Africa.

In his most recent work, Jonathan has brought information to the world on the most effective treatments for COVID, and the truth about the alleged “vaccine” and the actual injuries and death, as well as protocols for recovery for those dealing with injury. Jonathan’s cutting-edge research has led him to some little-known startling conclusions that the world needs to know right now. 

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Join me for Happy Hour with my guest 
Jamie Walden Tuesday at 6pm EDT on Clouthub
Jamie Walden was born and raised in the Quad Cities (Moline, IL) along the Mississippi River.  His father (A Firefighter/ Paramedic) and mother (homemaker/ college administrator) raised Jamie and his two siblings in an authentic, biblically rich home.  Through harrowing trials and tribulations within the Walden family, Jamie was presented the steadfast, eternally-true power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the faithfulness of the Word of the Lord.   
Imbued with matchless passion for all things “adventurous” and “fun”, Jamie’s teen years were filled with significant tumult (injuries, arrests, and choices of near life-long consequence).  However, amid the rebellion and ruckus, Jamie continually endeavored to one day earn the title, “U.S. Marine”.  After being nominated to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum on Defense, Intelligence, and Diplomacy in Washington, D.C., where he subsequently secured a nomination to the US Naval Academy, Jamie made the determination to simply enlist in the Marine Corps Infantry and achieve his childhood dream.
Jamie’s Marine Corps career was pivotal in his development both as a leader, and what would later be refined into unfettered zeal for the Kingdom of God.  Intensive training across a wide spectrum of disciplines served to equip Jamie and his unit to achieve overwhelming victory on the March to Baghdad during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.
After leaving the Marines Corps, Jamie obtained a double major B.S. in Law Enforcement and History.  However, it was also during this same period of time that the Holy Spirit began a radical unveiling of both Jamie’s contemptuous standing before the Holy Lord and the New Life offered for the forgiveness of sins in His Son, Jesus Christ.  In unconditional surrender, a concept all but inconceivable to Jamie, he forever yielded his will to the Mission and
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New VAERS Data as of June 10, 2022 (posted June 17, 2022)

31,352 Total Deaths and 1,390,560 Total Adverse Events
28,859 Pfizer/Moderna and 2,4983 J&J Deaths

 1,301,356 Pfizer / Moderna and 89,204 J&J Adverse Event

Dr. Tenpenny's Eye On Evidence

Rubbery Blood Clots

Another form of Spike Protein Disease

By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
We have seen pictures of blood clots that have been pulled from the veins of cadavers. Mike Adams produced one of the largest collections of these rubbery strings. He wrote this on

“We don’t yet know what all these structures are. We know what they are not, however: They are not simply clotted blood cells. If they were, then at the 1500x magnification shown in the last photo, above, we would be able to see individual blood cells. These are not blood cells, they are protein structures.”

Here is an interview with Richard Hirschman, if you’d like to hear what he has to say.
What is causing this? Like the other 20+ Mechanisms of Injury (MOI) that I identified and published in May/July 2021, are these rubber-like clots something that can be directly attributed to the COVID-19 injections?
very recent study (published May 2022) may shed some light and give an explanation for these unusual and horrific clots.
To read on, click below.



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