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This is Not Your Grandparents’ Fiber

The gut is considered the foundation for good health, home to an estimated 70% of the immune system, and where most of your mood-boosting neurotransmitters are made (hello, serotonin).


See how Organic Super Fiber can make you feel great every day…
Let’s face it. When your gut is happy, you’re happy. And we’re not just talking about easing digestive discomfort, bloating, or embarrassing gas. 


The gut is considered the foundation for good health, home to an estimated 70% of the immune system, and where most of your mood-boosting neurotransmitters are made (hello, serotonin).


Some perks of Organic Super Fiber are:
  • ORGANIC SUPER FIBER: Feel great every day with a delicious fusion of soluble and insoluble fiber to support gut health, digestive detox, and weight management.
  • GET A GOOD GUT FEELING: Organic fiber, prebiotics, a probiotic, and plant-based enzymes support the gut microbiome so you feel your best.
  • DIGESTIVE DETOX: Feel lighter and more energized. Insoluble fiber helps to keep digestion moving and detoxify the digestive tract, while organic herbs support the gut.
  • FEEL FULL BEFORE MEALS: 7g of fiber makes you feel full fast, while 4g of plant-based protein helps to curb cravings, supporting healthy weight management.
  • HEART & GLUCOSE SUPPORT: Research shows consuming more fiber helps to stabilize glucose levels, while soluble fiber supports healthy cholesterol.
  • TASTES GREAT (NO GRIT): Not your grandparent’s fiber. With a light vanilla flavor and grit-free mix, Organic Super Fiber is full of tasty superfood goodness.
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Doug Hagmann is a man of many talents.  From host of a podcast to author to entrepreneur to investigative reporter. 


Doug owns and runs a private investigative agency licensed in Pennsylvania and New York, specializing in the defense of fraudulent workers’ compensation and bodily injury claims.


He is the Founder and Director of Northeast Intelligence Network.  This is a special division of Tactical Publications dedicated to the fight against terrorism.


Doug is the author of Tactical Surveillance, an investigative text used by accredited universities in the U.S. in their law enforcement related programs. A comprehensive text for licensed investigators, security professionals and law enforcement agencies.


Doug also authors news and analysis unreported or under-reported by the main stream media.  He co-hosts of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report
Join us at 6pm where Mondo will share his thoughts on what to keep our eyes on in the media as well as his reasons to study prophecies.
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New VAERS Data as of Sept.2, 2022 (posted Sept.9, 2022)

33,251 Total Deaths and 1,494,041 Total Adverse Events
30,796 Pfizer/Moderna and 2,663 J&J Deaths

 1,400,350 Pfizer / Moderna and 93,691 J&J Adverse Events

Covid-19 and The Loss of Smell, Part 1

One of the Many Devastating Costs of Covid


COVID 2019 is predominantly a lung infection, causing cough, fever, and fatigue, but other symptoms have been reported, especially anosmia (loss of smell) and ageusia (loss of taste.) In this substack, I’m only going to address the loss of smell because much has been written and published about it; I’ve done my best to make it concise, but there was so much to say, it necessitated breaking the article into two parts.
Also, most taste-related symptoms seem to resolve rather quickly, unlike anosmia. It is hypothesized that taste is so closely associated with smell that it is uncommon for it to be a stand-alone symptom. If I find more info about the loss of taste, I’ll write about it in a subsequent substack.

How We Smell

Let’s start with a brief overview of the anatomy of the olfactory pathway. In our nose, the nostrils are separated into two parts by a septum made of cartilage. Each nasal cavity has its own olfactory area on the roof of the nose. The back of the nasal cavity is lined by cells that are covered with cilia, tiny hair-like receptors that also line the trachea and bronchial passages. (cilia are described below). Sensory nerves and the tips of cilia bind to odorant molecules and transport them to the brain.
The olfactory epithelium covers the olfactory cleft where our sense of smell begins. These cilia on the surface of the cleft coalesce to form Cranial Nerve I – the olfactory nerveThat important nerve is part of the brain; it extends through the paper-thin cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone of the skull. On the brain side of the bone are the olfactory bulbs, organs that process and triage the millions of incoming sensory signals that result in recognizing a “smell.”
In 1964, Scientific American published an article, “The Stereochemical Theory of Odor,” by John Amoore, James Johnston Jr, and Martin Rubin. At that time, more than 30 different theories had been proposed to explain how the nose and brain detect, identify, and recognize an odor. As it turns out, they discovered it is the geometry of the molecule that is the main determinant of odor.
According to the stereochemical theory, different olfactory nerve cells are stimulated by different molecules on the basis of their size, shape, and electromagnetic charge. These properties determine how it fits into the receptors at the tip of the cilia and other olfactory nerve endings. Curiously, if two molecules are identical in every way except they are mirror images of each other, the molecule may produce a completely different odor.


In 1952, Amoore made an extensive search of the organic chemistry literature, concluding there were seven primary odors.  These are ….



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