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The Gut-Brain Connection

Have you ever experienced nervous butterflies before a job interview or important presentation? Or how about that “pit in your stomach” feeling when you realize you’ve just made a big mistake? These feelings aren’t just in your head. Underlying these sensations is a vast network of over 100 trillion microbes in the digestive tract and over 100 million neurons that line the gut. In the past, scientists believed this network was simply responsible for digestion. But it’s much more than that. As researchers turned their microscopes to the gut, they uncovered something remarkable: the gut behaves like a second brain.


According to Harvard Medical School, “a person’s stomach or intestinal distress can be the cause or the product of anxiety, stress, or depression.” Studies have found that people with mood disorders often have a disrupted gut microbiome. But how is it possible that your gut can have such a profound impact on your mood.
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When the gut-brain axis is dysregulated, things can go from bad to worse. As your gut health negatively impacts your mood, the increased stress can cause your digestive system to react, causing digestive distress.


The good news is that you can take advantage of the gut-brain connection. By focusing on improving your digestive and mental health at the same time, you can turn it into a positive cycle for upgrading your well-being.


Even if you’re only concerned with boosting your mood, both your mental and digestive health must be addressed due to their powerful relationship. In fact, in recent years medical experts have successfully useda strategy of optimizing gut healthto help patients overcome mood disorders.


The Bottom Line

The gut-brain axis is a powerful connection that science is only now beginning to comprehend. Research shows that your gut health can influence your mood for good or bad, and how you feel can have a dramatic effect on your digestive health. It’s important to nourish both gut health and mental health so that you can optimize your well-being.


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Do You Have A Bad Gut Feeling?

Posted by: Fed Up Texas Chick 08/03/2023

Just for fun, I asked an AI engine to tell me about the relationship between gut health and electromagnetic fields (EMF). Here’s what the AI said: “There is no direct scientific evidence to suggest that electromagnetic fields (EMF) directly affect gut health in humans.”


Instead, the AI told me to eat a balanced diet rich in fiber and diverse nutrients to maintain a healthy gut. People have long reported anecdotal evidence of changes in bowel movements, stomach cramps, bloating and other gastrointestinal discomfort with EMF exposure. (The AI told me to consider other factors; it couldn’t possibly be EMF.)


So much for the AI. It was wrong. There is absolutely a connection.
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That dreaded word: Patience

Romans 8:25 ESV


But as we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.


When you look up the word PATIENT in Webster’s dictionary, this is the definition: Bearing or enduring pain, difficulty, provocation, or annoyance with calmness. Being tolerant.


The last two years of “the covid” has stretched our patience to our wits’ end. How much longer can we put up with the unpredictable changes that happen nearly every day at the hands of our tyrannical overlords?


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EMFs are called “Electromagnetic Frequencies” and are even more accurately called “Electromagnetic Radiation”. Modern technologies are now bombarding us with lower frequency, man-made electromagnetic radiation at huge levels that people have never experienced until the last few years. This radiation comes from: Cell Phones, Cell Towers, Wi-Fi, “Smart Meters”, SCADA Poles, high voltage power lines (above and below ground), electrical appliances, and since 2020 a new massive addition of the low orbit 5G Satellites. The frequencies from all of this radiation range from Electricity’s 60 Hz, to Wi-Fi’s 5 Billion Hz, and 5G’s up to 38 Billions Hz and more. All of these frequencies cause the same issues for us, but the higher frequencies of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cell Towers, & Satellites tend to be where most of big problems are coming from. Big problems, but easy solutions.


EMF Sol makes superior EMF remediation products for your cell phone, wireless devices, entire home, office, car, and for your body when on the go. Based on proven bio-energetic technology our products are super unique in that they actually address the root cause of EMF issues.
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Dr. Robert Greenberg has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and a Doctorate of Chiropractic. He holds numerous patents for medical inventions and technologies and has been formulating nutritional products for over 35 years for various health and wellness companies. He has lectured throughout the world on topics including Biological Terrain and the autonomic nervous system response to stress and heart rate variability. Dr Greenberg has served on numerous boards, advisory committees and scientific review groups relating to health and nutrition. He has published numerous articles appearing in both professional and lay-based nutritional journals. His latest focus has been quantum physics and the relationship this has to the “field” and to overall personal and planetary wellness.


The Truth About Colonoscopies, Pt 4

Taking care of your colon


In case you missed previous articles, find them here:
Part 1– polyps Part 2– Risks Part 3 – invasive & non-invasive screening options.


Here in this final installment of this 4-part series on colonoscopies, we’ll discuss taking care of your colon, and your overall health, suggestions to do your very best to prevent colon cancer.
Genetic specialists estimate that between 5 and 10 in every 100 cancers (5 to 10%) diagnosed are linked to an inherited faulty or mutated gene. More than 75% of colon and rectal cancers occur in people with no known risk factors, which is why regular non-invasive, simple screening is important, as discussed in Part 3 of this series.


Epigenetics literally means ‘above genetics,’ suggesting there are factors that change the outcomes of our genes. Our DNA is not the sole determination of our health. Environmental pollutants, heavy metals, chronic viral and bacterial infections, hormone imbalances, physical and emotional stress, and most importantly, nutritional imbalances play a key roles in genetic expressions. This is good news; it means that just because you have a genetic mutation or family risk factor, it doesn’t mean that gene will ‘turn on’ and misbehave. Having a genetic marker for cancer is not a death sentence; there are things you can do to to travel a different road for health.
Full article at link below….

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