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Are Your Blood Sugar Levels Causing Weight Gain?

If you’ve ever wondered why some people can seem to eat whatever they want and stay the same size, while others only have to look at a cookie to gain weight, it might be time to take a closer look at how unbalanced blood sugar can lead to weight gain.


Scientists have finally recognized that our weight is not just about calories-in and calories-out, but instead can be influenced by several factors such as toxins (obesogens), gut health, and fluctuating blood sugar levels throughout the day.


In fact, research shows that unbalanced blood sugar levels are directly linked to stubborn weight gain. Rapid ups and downs in blood sugar are shown to increase hunger levels and cravings for sweet foods, making it difficult to eat healthily. Dysregulated blood sugar also triggers energy dips, which can make it hard to exercise.
Click link below to read the full article to learn 10 tips for balancing your blood sugar…


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If you are struggling with weight gain or hard-to-lose weight, dysregulated blood sugar could be behind it. Take an inventory of your daily habits and see if you suffer from the common symptoms associated with unbalanced glucose. These signs include lethargy, brain fog, increased appetite, dips in mood, and food cravings.


In the United States, unbalanced blood sugar is the norm. You can take back control of your health with simple lifestyle changes such as adding more fiber or protein to your meals, going for a short walk after eating, and adding supplements such asGluco-Controlto your routine. With these natural ways to get your metabolism back on track you may find it easier to achieve a healthy weight and feel much better overall.  Because life is too short to not eat cake!
View Gluco Control facts sheet HERE.

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5 Docs Bootcamp 2024

-Setting the Record Straight- 

Starts April 4th


2 weeks left to REGISTER for the NEW 5 Docs Boot Camp! Sign up for this SPECIAL EVENT today to ensure your spot. We’re offering LIMITED SPACES and when registration closes, it’s CLOSED until the next Boot Camp comes around.



This Spring Boot Camp includes 5 WEEKS of new and exclusive content from each of the 5 Docs. The leaders you’ve come to love and trust weight in on some of the most important topics going on in the world today.


Week 1 – Dr. Palevsky with Dr. Tenpenny: The Scientific Method & Brain Development
What has happened to the scientific method for acquiring knowledge that has characterized the development of science since at least the 17th century? What happened to our developing brains as a human race before, during, and after the COVID era, such that we’ve accepted the elimination of the scientific method, and the diminished utilization of the thinking brain?


Week 2 – Dr. Tenpenny with Dr. Merritt: Censorship & Freedom
All five of The 5 Docs – and many more – were censored and then publicly embarrassed and financially damaged. In the end, we have all been vindicated for our decisions, for holding our ground against the deadly jabs and standing firmly against the lies we were expected to believe.


Week 3 – Dr. Northrup with Dr. Tenpenny: Food & Agriculture
Explore changes to the food supply over the last five decades, and also look at how drastically the food pyramid has changed over that timeframe. You’ll quickly see why none of us can trust anything the government advises regarding a “healthy diet”.


Week 4 – Dr. Merritt with Dr. Madej: Narrative vs Reality
We are living in a false reality created by a narrative. This was accomplished by creating a fear of infectious disease, convincing us that there are sub,-microscopic, invisible, unprovable particles that flow out of our mouth and make other people sick. They claimed in this recent faux pandemic, that a virus left out of bat soup and created worldwide death and chaos.


Week 5 – Dr. Madej with Dr. T and Dr. P: Religious & Spiritual Truths
Truth is the foundation of Biblical teachings. Truth shapes our reality. The foundation of how and why you live is based on what you believe in. If you believe in the wrong history or the wrong purpose of living it will lead to horrific outcomes, not only in the physical realm, but in the spiritual realm as well. It can cause you to walk in the fallen kingdom of darkness instead of walking in God’s Kingdom.
This Boot Camp is a unique experience compared to past boot camps. Each Thursday will feature one of the 5 Docs (accompanied by one or more of the other Docs) giving a LIVE presentation at 8:30pm Eastern time! (All live sessions will be recorded for your viewing convenience so you never have to miss anything.)


As a bonus, the boot camp wraps up with a FOUR HOUR LIVE WEBINAR discussion with all of the doctors to connect the dots and discuss solutions. Then, the webinar opens up for an exclusive Q&A session with, you, the students.



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One Diet Soda Per Day Triples Dementia Risk

Posted: 04/19/2018
Soda is one of the most popular treats in modern society, it is also one of the most controversial and polarizing. For many people, quitting soda is a lifetime achievement. Soda addiction is real.


But for many others, the thought of giving up soda is either much too tragic to consider or not something the person cares to do. I mean, what’s life without a little fun? Coca-Cola is one of the most popular sodas on earth. The brand alone is often associated with almost every soda brand. I grew up in the south where “I’ll take a Coke!” could have meant a Pepsi.


Read full article at the link below to learn how it’s possible that something labeled ‘diet’ can be this harmful…


Follow the Lord’s Calling

Trust Him

I had a conversation earlier today with a friend who is an amazing warrior for God. We concurred that many of the world events we see right now are the “calm before the storm.” And, no matter what we have gone through and how much we endured since Covid19 was unleashed on the world in March 2020, we haven’t yet seen the full force of evil that is coming. There is a crack in the proverbial dam, where all things unseen will be seen …and all things dark will be brought to light.


Every person is important in this battle, now more than ever…which circles back to this verse: Each of us has been given special talents, special gifts, a specific special way of being. Walk Worthy of the calling you have received.
Read full article at link below…


The New Weight Loss Drugs

Are they worth the risk?

Seems the diabetic medication, Ozempic, is often in the news these days. It’s being used as an off-label drug for weight loss. The serious side effects of this drug, including kidney failure, are finally coming to light.


Obesity is epidemic in the US. In a National Health Statistics Report from June, 2021, among children and adolescents aged 2–19 years, the prevalence of obesity is around 19% and the prevalence of untreated or restored dental caries in one or more primary or permanent teeth was 46%, another marker for poor and poor nutrition. Among adults aged 20 and over, the age-adjusted prevalence of obesity was about 41%, severe obesity was 9%.  From 1999 through March 2020, US obesity increased from 30.5% to 41.9%. During the same time, the prevalence of severe obesity increased from 4.7% to 9.2%. 
Read full article at link below…


Dr. Tenpenny and Dr. Palevsky together discuss health matters and current events in a limited…
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Dr. Tenpenny and Dr. Palevsky together discuss health matters and current events in a limited…