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Every Breath You Take

There’s nothing like taking a deep breath of cool, crisp, clean air. These days, unless maybe you’re somewhere in the mountains, that is harder and harder to do. Our environment is filled with harmful agents. Sometimes it seems like we are surrounded by smoke, dust and chemicals. In our homes and workplaces, our lungs are continuously exposed to these elements, particularly heavy metals. Over time, inhalation of these substances can cause significant health issues, not only for the lungs, but also for the liver, brain and other vital organs. The lungs are like a way station – they serve as an entry point where toxins come in and cause problems elsewhere.


Common Toxins

Toxins, also called toxicants, concentrate in the lungs. Air pollution travels the world. A volcanic eruption or forest fire in one part of the world can quickly affect air composition anywhere because these agents travel with the wind. These toxicants can cross continents or oceans in mere days. Rain can also be a superspreader, so to speak.

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Something Is Terribly Wrong in Maui – Part 1

Posted by: Fed Up Texas Chick 08/16/2023

Something is terribly wrong in Maui. These fires are not normal wildfires. I can feel it. Can you? Maui is currently in the fog of war. The people of Maui are in a surreal state of trying to find lost loved ones and trying to grapple with what has just happened to their beloved island home. That will take time.


The rest of us are hearing theory after theory. What’s real? What’s not? What is truth and what is fabricated or embellished? Was this a natural disaster or was this an energy weapon attack? We all certainly want to know what caused the fires, but a more important question at this juncture might be: “Who benefits?”


The people of Maui certainly do not benefit. Actually, it initially appeared that no one benefited. I mean, who benefits from a devastating fire? Yet as facts divulged, the story took on an ominous bearing. For decades, Maui residents have been fighting to preserve this ancient seat of the kingdom of Hawaii. Just last month, the Hawaii government passed a law that the Lahaina historical area could not be redistricted for any more development of hotels and such, UNLESS a natural disaster occurred. Seriously? What are the odds?
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The Death of Due Process

The Tom Renz Show

As you know Tom Renz is representing me in the Ohio Medical Board hearings and in typical Tom fashion, he is not remaining quiet.  He never disappoints.


This clip was a follow-up to the interview he had with me the day after the hearing where the board suspended my licence for failing to cooperate….or should I say ‘comply’.   In Tom’s words:
Another day and another Donald Trump garbage indictment. This is also what is happening with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. We are witnessing the weaponization of the justice system in the political process. We are seeing the Biden administration as well as here in Ohio we are seeing a republican administration supporting this weaponization of justice. This is an absolute affront to what we the people stand for.
In this video, Renz gives a little more of the backstory and what transpired to force us back into the courtroom once again, for no good reason.   How long will they keep this up?  The constant bullying and harassment for what exactly, I’m not sure.  What exactly is their end goal?!  And show us the proof of the complaints!  They refuse it.


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Is Weather Modification Being Used Against Us?

I am not a climate engineering expert, but I can tell you I don’t recall ever having so many catastrophic weather events. Do you? For a deeper submersion on geoengineering information, you can turn to lead researchers like Dane Wigington.


The news tells us this climate change is stemming from a carbon crisis but given the Hegalian Ways of the Deep State, I am not so sure. Aside from the blatant outfit “Make Sunsets,” there is no shortage of information on technologies like cloud seeding, despite The Ministry of Truth’s effort to actively vaporize our reality B.C. (as Klaus Schwab refers to Before Coronavirus).


Some critical minds allege that the erratic weather is being driven by frequency weapons.


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Chemicals Everywhere

How much do they impact your health?

The TSCA Inventory contains a catalog of more than 83,000 industrial chemicals, up from 70,000 industrial chemicals in 2005. In 2017, Kieran Mulvaney, writing for The Seeker,reported on an study called, “Synthetic chemicals as agents of global change” published in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. Her article started like this:


How many new synthetic chemicals do you think are being produced on an annual basis? Whatever your guess, there’s a pretty good chance it’s a massive under-estimate. Fully 10 million new compounds are being unleashed each year: That’s more than 1,100 every hour, or 19 per minute. If you read at about the same speed as I do, eight new compounds will have been produced by the time it takes you to get to the end of this sentence.


Over the last 50 years, the earth’s inhabitants have been exposed to million of tons of chemicals which are absorbed into animals, fish, birds, reptiles, plants and of course, humans, putting every living thing at risk for serious health problems, including cancer, birth defects, and death.
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