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What Health Experts Say: Fulvic Minerals+

Safe and Effective Allergy Elimination: Tenpenny Sensitivity Reduction Technique (SRT)


The Tenpenny Report: What’s Up With the Wildfires?

ECP- A Therapy Fit for Most:  Benefits of ECP for Lung Conditions

Classy & Comfortable Sets by My Pillow : Men’s 2-piece Notched Collar Pajamas

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Eye On The Evidence: Years in the Making

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8 Tips to Keep Your Lungs Healthy

When you think about it, the lungs are incredible organs. From the moment of birth, they never stop working. In adulthood, the average person takes anywhere between 12 and 20 breaths per minute. That’s over 17,000 breaths per day. Each inhale brings in precious oxygen that gets transported to almost every single cell of the body.


Despite how important the lungs are, it’s easy to take them for granted, until something goes wrong or a respiratory illness puts them at risk.


While one of the most obvious ways to take good care of your lungs is to not smoke or vape, there are many ways you can support and maintain lung function so that your lungs can support you through a long and healthy life.
  • Stay Active
  • Get More Food-Based Antioxidants
  • Practice Breathing Exercises
  • Detoxify Your Body
  • Drink Plenty of Water
  • Consider Lung-Friendly Herbs
  • Drink Green Tea
  • Clean Your Home’s Air

The Bottom Line

With every breath you take, you rely on your lungs to bring vital oxygen throughout the body. Fortunately, there are a variety of steps you can take to support healthy lungs. From staying active and doing breathing exercises, to detoxifying the body and eating antioxidant-rich foods, you can optimize your respiratory well-being and breathe easier.
Want the full details of the points mentioned above?  View them all HERE.


You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.  Food used to provide everything our bodies needed to thrive. Decades of conventional farming methods have depleted the soil of nutrition, resulting in crops that look the same but are lacking in vital nutrients, especially trace minerals and fulvic compounds.


FULVIC MINERALS+ gives your body a natural edge with fulvic acid compounds, plant-based trace minerals, and natural zeolite to support energy, immunity, and detox.  It natural compounds replenish your gut for immune support and digestive health.  The trace minerals sourced from seaweed supports energy levels, nutrient absorption and cellular health.

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What Health Experts Say About Fulvic Minerals+

Fulvic Minerals+ is also endorsed by other natural health experts who had this to say…
“The combination of fulvic acid, plant-based minerals and zeolite in my opinion is truly genius. This formula is a super powerful 3 in 1 that is going to help people of all ages super charge their health.”
  • Anna Victoria Rodgers, Author of Toxic World Toxic People
“Because modern farming practices have destroyed our soils, our food supply is lower in naturally occurring fulvic acid. Yet research has shown that fulvic acid can ensure we grow strong and healthy by benefiting digestion, the absorption of nutrients, gut and immune health, cognitive functioning, skin health, slowing down the aging process and improving energy levels.”
  • Cindy Klement, MS, CNS, MCHES
“Touchstone Essentials is the perfect nutritional company to bring fulvic acid to market as they are committed to purity, consistency and independent laboratory verification for all of their products.”
  • Robert C. Greenberg DC, Ph.D.
“I am super excited about Fulvic Minerals+. The fact that we have another key supplement that gets to the root causes of our health problems is awesome! Such a unique formula for the gut, while improving so many other areas in our body at the same time!”
  • Inge Wetzel ND, CNHP, ANMA Board Certified


Learn everything about Fulvic Minerals+ HERE.

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Eliminate Symptoms of Allergies with Tenpenny Sensitivity Reduction Technique (T-SRT)

Allergies are the most common ailment in our country today. Over 60% of Americans — an estimated 90 million people — suffer from food and environmental allergies. Until recently, food allergies were only thought to cause immediate problems — like a peanut allergy or shellfish that often cause anaphylaxis (hives, swelling and passing out.)


As it turns out, most people have another type of food allergy, called a delayed-type sensitivity. That means the reaction to the food may not appear until later — sometimes 72 hours (three full days) after you have eaten the offending food. That makes it nearly impossible to determine the connection between the symptom and a food.   Most of us are familiar with common allergens such as pollen, ragweed, dust, mold, some foods (such as dairy or wheat), or certain animals (such as a cat or dog). The symptoms we commonly think of as allergic reactions are sneezing, hives or a runny nose making it very difficult to breathe or breathe properly for many. In severe cases, an allergic reaction can be an asthma attack or a bout of gas, including cramping and diarrhea.


Here’s what most people don’t know.  There are options outside of medications, injections, and the traditional methods we have been given as choices.  Safe ones.  Effective ones.  Painless ones.


Historically, it is reported that nearly 86% of our patients who complete the full program of 12-15 treatments are entirely relieved of all allergy-related problems. These are better odds than any other treatment available in medicine. Tenpenny IMC’s own patient survey data has indicated that 92% of respondents found significant to moderate health improvements. We’re very proud of our results and the health that has returned to our patients.


Learn about how Tenpenny SRT (a program offered at Tenpenny Integrative Medical Clinic) works and how it can help eliminate your allergy symptoms at the link below. 


Dr. Tenpenny’s Summer Bootcamp

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Get ready to take control of your health and take it to the next level with our exclusive Summer Boot Camp! This unique presentation brings together your favorite five doctors to discuss post-pandemic health strategies that will help you get there. Our Boot Camp will provide guidance on a wide range of topics, in ways that only the 5 Docs can. If you’ve been a fan of the 5 Docs Zooms, you will not want to miss this Boot Camp featuring exclusive material not seen anywhere else!


AN EXCLUSIVE 6 WEEK PROGRAM with each doctor presenting on their own day and topic, and ending with a group round table discussion LIVE and where they will accept questions from students.


Get the details on each episode,  along with the speaker schedule at the link below.


Are you a past student?
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What’s Up With the Wildfires?

Are the globalists playing out their end game? And if so, what are we the people left with? Millions of burned acres. Burned homes and buildings. Whole towns gone. Dead people. Dead firefighters. Dead wildlife and farm animals. Acreage that can no longer be farmed.


We are left with lack of information from a media who tells us exactly What We Need to Know About The Wildfires, and we can’t ask questions about why 11,000 lightning strikes occurred in a 72-hour period in 2020 in California, leading to devastating wildfires there.


We are left devastated. People in these areas rarely rebuild, struggling with agencies like FEMA to get what the US government had promised them. A year after the California Camp Fire destroyed 11,000 homes, only 11 had been rebuilt. Now, the Reese Report tells us that the Canadians are taking a page from the US playbook and creating a new (and special) federal national disaster response agency. 


Read full article (which includes links to stats and other stories) below…


When you hear of ECP therapy, you might think this is a primarily treatment for cardiovascular conditions, however there are so many conditions that ECP treatments can benefit.  Some of those include: ischemic cerebrovascular diseases, depression, COPD, erectile dysfunction and so much more.


ECP therapy is even beneficial to the otherwise healthy person as well. It will increase energy, is anti-aging and improves overall wellbeing.  Studies show long term lasting benefits that your body will thank you for.


Enhanced External Counterpulsation Efficacy on Exercise Endurance in COPD Patients and Healthy Subjects: A Pilot Randomized Clinical Trial:
In patients with COPD, the present study showed that ECP therapy could improve exercise endurance in this population. This pilot study suggests that ECP leads to a certain improvement on the exercise endurance of different adult populations, from healthy adults to those with COPD.  Read this published article HERE.


Find out more about what ECP therapy can improve and how it works at link below…


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Years in the Making

Integrative Medicine’s Uphill Battles

I thought this would be a good time to write about the evolution of integrative medicine – how we got here. The past defines the present. Let’s put it all together and form something new.


By definition, allopathic medicine is how medical doctors (MDs) and other professionals (such as nurses, pharmacists, and therapists) treat symptoms and diseases: with drugs, radiation, or surgery. Other names for allopathic medicine include conventional medicine, mainstream medicine, Western medicine, and orthodox medicine. In contrast, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is defined as an approach to addressing health concerns which is mostly not pharmaceutically based, and therefore, have long been considered to be substandard, even woo-woo care, by allopathically trained physicians.


Full article at link below….

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