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Strong Bones Need Strontium

We’ve all heard about the benefits of calcium for bone health and bone density, but have you heard of strontium? 
Strontium is a naturally-occurring alkaline earth metal that is very similar to calcium. Once absorbed in the body, strontium is mainly deposited in the bones and teeth. distributed throughout the body but preferentially deposited in bone and teeth.  Strontium has a number of positive effects on bone.
Read full tip to learn how Strontium works an how it proves beneficial to us especially as we age HERE.


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Bone mineral density is a major determinant of bone mass and is the most commonly measured quality of bone. A number of factors contribute to bone mineral density including lifestyle factors (regular physical activity, not smoking, minimizing stress levels) and maintaining hormonal balance. Consuming a healthy diet and ensuring optimal levels of bone-building vitamins and minerals are a key therapeutic consideration for preserving bone strength.
Opti Advanced Bone Health provides the nutritional support needed to maintain healthy bone formation. The single-serving AM and PM packets make Opti Advanced Bone Health convenient, while separating the calcium and strontium servings for better absorption.  It provides therapeutic doses of clinically-proven, bone-stimulating nutrients in convenient, easy-to-take packets to enhance bone formation.

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Sound of Freedom: Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming

Posted by: Fed Up Texas Chick 07/11/2023

The mainstream media (MSM) is freaking out over the movie Sound of Freedom. It’s popular. It’s a box office hit. People are seeing it and people are talking about it. Yikes! They really don’t know what to do, so they’ve resorted to lowbrow attempts to decry anyone who dares see the film as an old, cranky Q Anon conspiracy theorist.


I’m sorry, I am having a tad bit of trouble following how the MSM is linking this movie to Q Anons. So is Tim Ballard for that matter. I definitely know that child trafficking is not a conspiracy theory. These feeble attempts to keep people from the theaters will propel more of us deplorables to go see the movie. To use a familiar Q Anon phrase: nothing can stop what is coming.


I think the MSM is scared. I mean, really scared. And the people they work for are terrified. Sound of Freedom outperformed both Indiana Jones and The Flash movie on July 4, so that’s saying something. Actually, that’s saying a lot. I bet the MSM never expected this. You know, it kind of reminds you of a theater insurrection, doesn’t it?
Why is media so threated by this truthful movie? Read entire article below…


The Second Coming of Saturn is back!

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Did you miss an episode or two?

Or want to rewatch it because of how incredible it was?

This is the time.


This four-week series is a deep dive into a supernatural enemy who has plagued humanity since the beginning of time.  Author Derek Gilbert will take you through the research behind his most recent book The Second Coming of Saturn to identify the leader of the rebellious “sons of God” mentioned in Genesis 6, explain how he influences the world to this day, and describe the occult prophecy of his return encoded into the art and architecture of the United States Capital.
Hear about the connection between the Great Conjunction of 2020, the Great Reset, and the earth-shaking rebellion by the ‘sons of God’ in the Book of Genesis.  Learn the many identities worn by the leader of the Watchers’ rebellion, and evidence reveals that Molech is linked to end times prophecy – and the U.S. Capitol, and so much more! 
Description of each episode in link below…

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***All proceeds are donated by Dr. Tenpenny directly to our expert guest to support their work and continued efforts of bringing the bible to life for all of us.


God is Going to Move Mightily

Be Part of His Team

Jeremiah 32:27
Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me?


I feel it in my bones.

God is about to move mightily, in ways that could only be from His hand. The results are going to be so spectacular, the results can only be Divinely Designed.


His plan will come to pass through the physical work of those who have remained faithful and have found ways to scrape, claw, and dig their way through the evil battles. We have fought to stay the course with all our strength. We trusted His plan, even when there were few outward signs of Him being “anywhere in the room.” We clutched to the 300+ verses that asserted, “FEAR NOT!”


Full article at link below….



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1 John 3:8 (ISV)
The person who practices sin belongs to the evil one; the Devil has been sinning from the beginning. The Son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil.

Say it with us:



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Osteopathic Medicine vs Allopathic Medicine

The differences started 100 years ago

I frequently get calls from mainstream media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and even occasionally from MSNBC and CNN for interviews or for comments on particular vaccine topics. At some point, the researcher or reporter says something like this in a disparaging tone, “But you’re ONLY an osteopath. You just specialize in bones and muscles, right?”  <sigh>


Even though the first Osteopathic medical school was opened in 1874, millions across the US still have no idea about my profession, which is both sad and aggravating.
After graduating from osteopathic medical school, DOs complete internships, residencies, and fellowships, which can last between 3-8 years in preparation to practice a specialty of their choosing. Here is a basic list of 26 medical specialties and subspecialties. that work to represent various osteopathic perspective.


Full article at link below….

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