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Brain Food!

It’s really important to follow a healthy diet plan that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and proteins. These foods are great for feeding the brain, but it turns out that the best brain foods are also the best heart foods. That means you get benefits for your heart and your mind. Here are some great ones:


  • Green, leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and broccoli are rich in nutrients like vitamin K, folate, and beta carotene which may help cognitive decline.
  • Fatty fish are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients have been linked to lower blood levels of beta-amyloid proteins that clump in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease. If you’re not a fan of fish, look for rich omega-3 sources such as avocados or walnuts.
  • Berries have natural plant pigments called flavonoids. They give berries their bright colors, but are also powerful antioxidants that improve memory.
  • Tea and coffee both have caffeine that might give you a long-term boost in concentration. Studies have shown that people with higher caffeine consumption score better on tests of mental function. Caffeine might also help the brain solidify new memories.

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Dr.T’s #1 Recommendation for Heavy Metal Detox

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Toxins are everywhere on a daily basis.  Every day, your body is exposed to 80,000 toxins. They are in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. They might even be in your medications. The intake of toxins is unavoidable. Heavy metals are one type of toxin; metals like mercury are found in fish, and industrial pollution carries chromium. Most heavy metals accumulate in the body where they can affect multiple organs and systems and create health issues. The cumulative effect of these metals and toxins can have a devastating effect on the human body. This toxic overload continues throughout our lives.
BUT, there is hope!
Zeolite removes the toxic buildup. Zeolite is a rare mineral that has a magnetic attraction to toxins. It is a naturally negatively-charged mineral, and heavy metals are typically positively charged. 
Zeolite in a hydrolyzed liquid formula is easy to use. This formulation allows zeolite to reach the cellular level and work like a mini-magnet to pull toxins right out of the cell. With only 4 taste-free sprays, 3 times a day, you can fight back against heavy metals and toxins and support your body’s natural immunity, restful sleep, sustained energy, clarity and focus. When you do remove toxins, your body benefits in several ways:
    • Strengthen Immunity: When you remove toxic build up, you restore balance to your immune system. Achieve your health potential naturally.
    • Increase Energy: You CAN wake up happy, alert and energized throughout the day.
    • Recharge Your Body: As you detox, all systems perform optimally. Restful sleep, a calm mind and enhanced focus are now within reach.


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Do You Have a Bad Gut Feeling?

Just for fun, I asked an AI engine to tell me about the relationship between gut health and electromagnetic fields (EMF). Here’s what the AI said: “There is no direct scientific evidence to suggest that electromagnetic fields (EMF) directly affect gut health in humans.”


Instead, the AI told me to eat a balanced diet rich in fiber and diverse nutrients to maintain a healthy gut. People have long reported anecdotal evidence of changes in bowel movements, stomach cramps, bloating and other gastrointestinal discomfort with EMF exposure. (The AI told me to consider other factors; it couldn’t possibly be EMF.)


So much for the AI. It was wrong. There is absolutely a connection.
Read the full article below…



An invisible HARM to YOU and YOUR FAMILY.


Over the past year, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to converse with numerous EMF specialists, including Corey Hillis, Robert Workman, Bill Bathgate, Daniel DeBaun and more. Each of these industry leaders has poured countless hours into research, amassing valuable wisdom about the daily exposure to radiation we all face. More importantly, they’ve explored solutions – remediation practices that can lessen the impact of this exposure on our health.
Watch the 6 informative episodes with these guests and learn the ways you and your family are unconsciously subject to EMF radiation.  Experts explain just how this affects humans and what can be done to remedy the situation.


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OPTI Neuro Fit:
The Opti Neuro Fit formula supports a positive mental outlook, supports detoxification enzymes in the brain, and boosts neurotransmitter activity.


Though its exact mechanism of action in the brain is still unidentified, lithium has been shown in the research to boost neurotransmitter activity, including that of dopamine and serotonin, and to reduce the activity of the excitatory brain chemical glutamate. It also plays a role in the gene expression of natural detoxification enzymes in the brain, including glutathiones-transferase, offering important brain antioxidant protection, contributing to better cognitive health and memory.


OPTI Brain:
Opti Brain is designed to help maintain optimal cognitive function and health.


Maintaining cognitive function is an increasingly important challenge with the aging United States population. Aging is often associated with functional changes in the brain that can affect event recall ability, thought organization, and ability for self-expression. While some memory loss is common in the aging population, factors such as free-radical damage, nutrient deficiencies, lifestyle choices and emotional stress are known to affect cognition with age. The brain is part of the nervous system, which is made up of neurons responsible for processing and transmitting information using neurotransmitters and electrical ion channels. Maintaining the function of various aspects of neuron communication is integral to maintaining optimal cognitive function. Opti Brain supports cerebral blood circulation, decrease excitotoxicity and scavenge damaging free radicals. In addition, it helps increase cerebrvascular blood flow and improve memory.


OPTI Omega:
Omega-3 fatty acids are essential cornerstones of human nutrition. They are deemed “essential” because we need them for proper health-much like certain vitamins and minerals but cannot produce them on our own. We must therefore consume these fats through diet or supplementation. Since omega-3 fatty acids are known to benefit cardiovascular health, support healthy brain function and cognition, and have also been proven to maintain a healthy inflammatory response, achieving the proper balance of omega-3s has become an important health strategy, requiring supplementation for most people. 

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Products proven to normalize the effect on human cells.

EMFs are called “Electromagnetic Frequencies” and are even more accurately called “Electromagnetic Radiation” (or EMRs). Modern technologies are now bombarding us with lower frequency, man-made electromagnetic radiation at huge levels that people have never experienced until the last few years. This radiation is coming from: Cell Phones, Cell Towers, Wi-Fi, “Smart Meters”, SCADA Poles, high voltage power lines (above and below ground), electrical appliances, and since 2020 a new massive addition of the low orbit 5G Satellites. The frequencies from all of this radiation range from Electricity’s 60 Hz (waves per second), to Wi-Fi’s 5 Billion Hz, and 5G’s up to 38 Billions Hz and more. All of these frequencies cause the same issues for us, but the higher frequencies of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cell Towers, & Satellites tend to be where most of big problems are coming from. Big problems, but easy solutions.
Biological effects CAN include:
  • fatigue issues
  • sleep disturbances
  • concentration difficulties
  • greater effects on children
  • headaches
  • immune system imbalances
  • evidence for Alzheimer’s Disease
  • evidence for Cancer risks
  • lower melatonin production during sleep cycles
  • lower sperm count and other reproductive issues

Customer Testimonials…


Reinette Senum is a natural born leader.  She has traveled to nearly 60 countries and has an incredible ability to connect to those around her, no matter where she is or who she is speaking with.
Reinette has protested against corruption and greed for decades.  She has twice served as city council member and served as Mayor of her hometown Nevada City, California where she stood for integrity regardless of how difficult the political landscape was.
Today, she is the author of the amazing substack, Reinette Senum’s Foghorn Express AND she has launched GenSeven and Save Our Skies, organizations that are taking on legal action against the most egregious geoengineering perpetrators in the US.
In this episode, Reinette and I discuss the following topics, to name a few:
  • GenSeven initiative.  We need to step up to the plate to save the next few generations (at minimum) on this earth
  • Save Our Skies initiative
  • the challenges of being banned / censored
  • the social credit system is here, NOW
  • her GeoEngineering project brought on by the massive snowstorm she endured
  • Jet fuels and just how they affect us and to what degree
  • and so much more!
It was a very full hour of eye-opening information and worth every minute.  Must-watch!


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With so many changes daily and with the threat of more lockdowns and masks coming back, this message just needs to be made.  Who is with me on this?



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Take Charge of EMF Exposure

You can’t avoid it; How to neutralize it

A few weeks ago on my Brighteon show, my guests were Rob Workman and William Bathgate, experts on the effect of EMFs on your biology. You can watch the complete show here.


Robert Workman has 25 years of experience in residential remodeling and is currently a managing partner in a St. Louis Missouri based remodeling company —Jones Home Improvements. In addition, Robert is the St. Louis’ first Certified Building Biologist Environmental Consultant (BBEC), specializing in mitigating the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields in residential and commercial buildings.


William Bathgate, with a specialty in both electrical and mechanical engineering. Similar to Robert, Bill is also a Certified Building Biologist and a Certified Electro-Magnetic Radiation Specialist. Bill has over 20 years of  experience working with IBM and Hewlett Packard in computer systems design. He holds a DOD Top Secret Clearance, serving in Cyber Security with the US Missile Defense Agency, NASA and Homeland Security. He knows a lot about EMF and radiation.


Towards the end of the interview, I asked them both if they thought there was an association between EMFs, 5G, and the ‘turbo cancers’ we are now seeing in record numbers. They both became very animated and responded with an strong “YES” and other affirmative comments. Bill made a comment, almost under his breath, that “EMFs were strongly associated with almost all pediatric leukemias.”


That caught my attention.


With almost all children now spending hours their hand-held cell phones or wearing virtual reality headsets to watch movies or even do their homework, could all of these cumulative EMFs be contributing to the uptick in childhood cancers we are now seeing, especially blood cancers?
Full article at link below….

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