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Doctor, Speaker, Educator, Consultant


Doctor, Speaker, Educator, Consultant

EMF: Like Getting 1,600 Chest X-Rays!

There is no question that EMF radiation causes health issues. Over 20,000 papers have been published attesting to this fact. Frequencies used for wireless communications (3 kHz to 300 GHz) can cause all sorts of issues, such as changes in heart rate, changes in brain activity and increased risk of several types of cancer, particularly the malignant brain cancer glioma. Thyroid cancers as well as parotid gland cancers have increased, due to cell phone use close to the face and neck. EMF is particularly harmful to children and can even harm fetal growth and development.
How does this harm occur? While the exact mechanisms are not well understood, the EMF is known to affect cells, tissues and organs. Research indicates that it might impair cell division and even hasten cell death. EMF may alter some of the bodies most basic and fundamental processes, such as changing activity of calcium exchange and changing aspects of reactive oxygen species. EMF is thought to change the permeability of cell membranes and concentrations of enzymes needed for metabolic processes. It may interfere with gene expression and the body’s normal processes for repairing DNA.
The issue at heart is that we have a continuously growing number of EMF sources in our environment today. We are surrounded by everything from Wi-Fi routers to 5G cell phone towers. We know that 24 hours of cell phone use is equivalent to having 1,600 chest x-rays. That’s a lot of radiation delivered to the body. And 5G towers are a big concern, given that they operate using higher frequencies in the EMF spectrum. EMF is generated by anything that uses electricity, so everything from your computer to your microwave is contributing to health detriments. The big scientific question is: what are safe exposure levels, especially for children? 
I tell all of my patients to protect themselves against EMF, particularly if they have children because the effects are greater in children. EMF can cause confusion, brain fog and sleep disruptions. I love the EMF Solutions products because they will protect from EMF. Their technology is based on proven bio-energetic technology and I love their products because they actually address the root cause of the EMF issues. My medical practice has always been about addressing root cause issues rather than just treating symptoms, and the EMF Solutions products for body, home and car fit right into my mission.
Protecting yourself from EMF is one of the best things you can do for your health. 
An Independent Lab applied EMF Solution’s products to help remediate the EMFs and observed something amazing. The changes to the cells returned to normal levels!  This has never been done before.  Root cause of the problem…fixed!
Learn more about EMF and watch a short video about how exact it works HERE.
Use the self-assessment tool or get a FREE home test today at link below.

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