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Doctor, Speaker, Educator, Consultant


Doctor, Speaker, Educator, Consultant

Defend Dr. T

and Help Me Stay in 

The Fight for Medical Freedom

Defend Dr. T

and The Fight for Medical 


Ephesians 6:11

Put on the full armor of God.

My name is Dr. Sherri J Tenpenny. I am an osteopathic medical doctor, board certified in osteopathic medicine, with a proficiency certification in Integrative Medicine. I was board certified in Emergency medicine from 1986 to 1998, when I worked as a full-time Emergency Medicine physician and served as the Director of a Level II Trauma center in Ohio.


We are at a crucial crossroad where the very future of medicine and personal health freedom is at stake. For decades, I’ve dedicated myself to uncovering the TRUTH about the medical system.  I’ve given my life to the medical freedom battle.  I even stepped away from my own practice to dedicate ALL my time to tireless research and educating via podcasts, webinars and speaking events.   I have been speaking out for over 20 years about the issues that nobody else would talk about. 


As a result, not only have we been censored…on search engines, on social media (our reach is throttled) and even our emails are sent to your spam.


We are doing everything we can to protect medical freedom but WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT

First They Came After My Medical License
Now the IRS?

Simply put, there are powers that don’t want me to have the ability to stand in the frontlines, who want to take everything that I have left and more so that I can’t continue to do the hard work to be the voice you need me to be. 


They want to silence me, tried to sanction my medical license, and stop our fight for health transparency and justice.


But together, we can stand strong against these forces.


Please Note: Donations to the DrT Legal Defense Fund are gifts and are NOT tax deductible.

Join the Legal Battle!

I need your help to fight this legal battle. This isn’t just about me; it’s about “them” trying to pull out all the stops to exhaust me and get me to throw in the towel.


**Stand with Me: Defend Our Freedom Against Unjust Assault**


In a world where the line between right and wrong blurs, the battle for justice and freedom becomes ever more critical. Today, I find myself in the midst of an unyielding storm, targeted by forces that seem relentless in their pursuit. The IRS, an entity that should embody fairness and legality, has now become a weapon of intimidation against me, dredging up tax liens that are 10 to 23 YEARS beyond the statutes of limitation. The specter of legal battles looms large once again, threatening to engulf me in a sea of financial and emotional turmoil.


This isn’t just my fight. It’s a battle for the very essence of our freedom, a stand against the misuse of power that could target any one of us next. The details of this case are complex, more than can be conveyed here, but the essence is simple: it’s a fight for justice, for fairness, and for the protection of our rights.


Your support can make a difference. By contributing to my defense, you’re not just helping me; you’re taking a stand for all of us who believe in the principles of justice and freedom. Every donation, no matter the size, is a powerful statement against the weaponization of institutions meant to serve us, not oppress us.
Please, if you can, help me in this fight. Together, we can push back against this assault on our freedoms and set a precedent that such actions will not go unchallenged. Your support is not just appreciated; it’s essential. Together, we fight for justice, for freedom, for all of us.
Here’s what YOU can do:
1️⃣ Donate to my Legal Defense Fund: Every single dollar helps. No contribution is too small.
This is going to be a long battle that we MUST win.


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2️⃣ Spread the Word: Share this page with family and friends who are willing to help keep me in this fight. 


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While I can’t thank each of you individually, know how much I deeply appreciate every single contribution and every single prayer. All funds will be going to pay my legal fees in this fight.

Please Note: Donations to the DrT Legal Defense Fund are gifts and are NOT tax deductible.

Health and personal sovereignty are your most precious assets.  We must protect our right to question authority and to make choices that align with our beliefs and needs.  
In this hour of this great battle, join me.  Help me to continue to stand up for truth, transparency, and freedom.  Your support will make all the difference.
I wish you health, stamina, and most of all, God’s peace as we navigate these difficult and historic times together.


God Bless and Thank you. 
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
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(NOTE: The contributions to the legal defense fund are NOT tax deductible)

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Thank you for joining in our mission as we aim to save and protect humanity.