What is a D.O.?

A Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) is a fully licensed medical doctor. Training includes four years of college and four years of medical school. After graduation, a one-year Rotating Internship is required before choosing a many-year residency program to become board-certified in any a medical specialty the doctor chooses.

An osteopathic medical doctor has more than 300 hours of training  musculoskeletal system called osteopathic manipulation. This is similar to, but distinct from, chiro-practic manipulation. Osteopathic doctors trained outside of the U.S. have training very similar to chiropractic. American-trained DOs are often trained in the same programs as their MD counterparts.

The American Osteopathic Association [AOA] does not endorse the content of this site and has sent a certified letter, requesting that I remove its logo and its link from this website. However, I remain a fully paid, card-carrying member of the AOA.

For those who are interested in the Osteopathic profession, please Google “American Osteopathic Association” for more information.

American Academy of Osteopathy

The Cranial Academy




  1. I am interested in pursuing a career in osteopathic medicine. Any advice or tips you can give to someone preparing for this decision?

    • Spend as much time with osteopathic doctors as you can. Find doctors whose practices are Integrative Medicine – this field is the future of medicine.

      • Look up the difference bwteeen STATUTE Law and COMMON Law. Unless you give them permission to engage you in a contract’ (ie. acceptance of the conditions of a Bill or Act) they cannot touch you LAWFULLY. As You haven’t Killed, Injured, Stolen, Impoverished, Lied, Cheated or Deprived anyone of their Livelihood You havent done anything wrong! And that is Common Law .at least here in Australia.As soon as you register your baby with your Government, they OWN your child BUT!!! If you’re savvy enough to realise that ALL THEY OWN is the BIRTH CERTIFICATE and not a FLESH AND BLOOD BEING if they ever try to do anything to you outside of COMMON LAW .just present them with the BIRTH CERTIFICATE that was given to you and DO NOT associate yourself with that Legal Fiction on the Document. If you do, you have unwittingly given them Jurisdiction over you.Good Luck <3

    • People you are missing it all together. This lady when to school for years and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars doing it. Now she is swimming against modern medicine and trying to help educate your ignorant behind not just how to say no but WHY to say now. Yes you can use religion to get around it but would you not want to know why you are doing it? I bet many of those complaining about the price really don’t know many of the facts and studies in this book. Its there for YOUR benefit too unless you are happy being ignorant. If you are,,,,,good luck in life trying to be healthy without the facts.

      I am reminded of a saying about teaching a man to fish vs giving him a fish. The fish is the religion card, the learning to fish (or at least part of it) is educating yourselves. Pretty cheap in my view, $40. Any idea what the vaccines cost or just a visit to an MD? How about an allergy specialist? $600 just to sit in an exam room. We are all going to spend time and money on our health. Do you want to spend a little now or a lot later and have the diseases to go along with it or not?

  2. Ummm until you are the parent of one of these cerhdiln, there is NO DOUBT what the cause is My 3rd, healthiest of all . NEVER to be sick with anything, was given a full body, very complete examination in order to determine his full health prior to his 6 month shots (which he was slightly behind in so they gave him all at once) . One hour later almost to the second . horrific stomach cramps to the point where I thought he must have swallowed a toy or something a 104 degree temp. that did not subside for at least 5 to 6 days, followed by round after round after round of anti-bio-tics, which ripped apart his ability to digest food and if he did it ended in diarrhea with a burnt bottom from all the chemicals in his medicine. My son, 6 months later, was determined he needed surgery . in the end, twice. All before he was a year and a half. Trust is no longer the issue for me

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