Vaccine Research Library

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The Vaccine Research Library – The Other Side of the Vaccination Story.

The Vaccine Research Library is an ever-growing compilation of information, assembled to give you the tools to debunk the conventional, pro-vaccine stance. The information has been organized into an easy-to-navigate repository.

A repository of compelling information, this research library like no other!

The information has been amassed by sifting through tens of thousands of medical abstracts and full text articles only from mainstream medical and scientific journals. The Vaccine Research Library tells “The Other Side of the Story.”

The Vaccine Research Library was created so the hard-to-find science can be quickly identified. The Library includes Dr. Tenpenny’s personal vaccine research collection that she has gathered over more than a decade while working to educate parents and health advocates about the hazards associated with vaccines.

  • On (most) Tuesdays: The Scream of the Week allows you to rank the information: You can let us know how loud you screamed.
  • Every Friday: A section called What’s New This Week logs the newly released research we’ve found, giving you up-to-the-minute information on the growing hazards of vaccinations.

Think about the hundreds, even thousands, of hours you spend on the Internet, searching for information that can be frustratingly difficult to find. With The Vaccine Research Library, the hard-hitting facts have already been extracted for your easy review.

Categories include:

  • Additives                                       • Adjuvants
  • Animal reagents and cell lines  • Chemicals
  • Preservatives                                 • Stabilizers
  • Adolescent vaccines                    • Individual vaccines
  • Vaccination exemptions
  • Vaccination in special circumstances: Military, healthcare workers, pregnancy
  • Vaccination legal issues
  • Vaccine industry
  • Vaccine side effects

The Vaccine Research Library has done the painstaking, time-consuming research for you. It is a goldmine for independent researchers, journalists, and the public at large. After thousands of hours of work, this incriminating information has been pulled from government reports, scientific literature and mainstream medical journals. NO INFORMATION HERE IS FROM MAINSTREAM BLOGS OR OPINION SITES. The Vaccine Research Library currently has 300+ pages and >7,000 links to abstracts and full text article – and those number increase every week. Members see it first in theNew This Week section of this site.

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