Real Fears If Vaccine Choice Is Lost

By Dr Sherri Tenpenny, DO, AOBNMM, ABIHM


The media frenzy created by a small outbreak of measles initiated a global debate and has lead to a knee-jerk reaction by state legislators to eliminate religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions for children. This political move could lead to mandatory vaccination for all, including adolescents and adults. Everyone who has decided to not vaccinate after they have completed many hours of painstaking research is labeled an ‘anti-vaxxer,’ dismissed or disparaged. To not vaccinate is nearly becoming criminal.

In the midst of the turmoil, those who have legitimate fears about vaccinating are being ignored. Consider these scenarios:

  • Your child has a serious reaction to a vaccine. You are concerned that if your child has additional vaccines, a more serious reaction could occur, including death.
    • Will you have a right to refuse additional vaccines for your child?
  • Your child nearly died after a vaccine. Your child spent months in the hospital. He now takes many daily medications and will always have significant disabilities.
    • Will you be forced to vaccinate your other children?
  • Your child was so badly injured they received compensation from the Federal Court of Claims, referred to as the Vaccine Court?
    • Will you be forced to give this child additional vaccines – and fully vaccinate the rest of your children? 
  • Your sister died from Gardasil, like this this young girl did.
    • Will you be forced to get this vaccine? 
  • Your teenagers are completely unvaccinated. This fall, you go to the school to turn in your exemption, only to learn that a new law is in place, disallowing your long held philosophical (or religious) exemption. The school nurse announces that your children must be “up to date” before they can attend school.
    • Will your teens be required to be injected with multiple doses of 16 different vaccines within a few weeks to attend school?
  • You home school your children, partly because you disagree with Common Core, but also because you do not want to vaccinate your children. You find out that in order to obtain your materials this fall, your children must fully vaccinated.
    • Will you be forced to fully vaccinate all of your children so that they can learn?
  • There are more than 300 vaccines in the developmental pipeline. While many vaccines are for cancer, dozens are for pathogens and conditions such as smoking cessation, periodontal disease, high blood pressure , depressionand something as vague as “genetic disease.”
    • If mandatory vaccination becomes law, and school exemptions to be taken away, will you have a right to refuse any of these? 

Medical exemptions are generally written for the vaccine that caused the problem. They are not generally written for vaccines that have not been given. What if your doctor believes that vaccines are safe, the risk of further side effects is minimal and refuses to “grant” an exemption? Who will be responsible for the medical bills if a child becomes sick but is not “damaged enough” to file a vaccine injury claim?

Please go to www.NVICAdvocacy.orgjoin for free. Find out what is going on in your state. Let your state officials know many will be harmed by mandates. Make that call today.

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  1. Do you have a copy of a sample letter to get your child exempt from
    vaccination for the school who is saying it is required ? Copy of
    refusal letter for religious reasons?

    • On the website, look under the FORMS tab. There are examples there.

      • It appears these forms are no longer available. Do you have them published in another location? I need to get something together quickly for my sons college application.

        • Go to, then to: Law and Policy > State > State Laws and Exemptions, where you’ll find a map you can use to look up the exemptions in your state, typically up to date with current exemption forms.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I am trying to educate my Sis in law who has a baby born in Jan.She was able to stand up against the HepB shot, but I fear she may not be strong enough to read the books I have sent her. And make her own choices.I am going to forward the California info to her.

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