Doctors: Stand Up For Your Patients.

DOCTORS: Stand Up for Your Patients

By Sherri Tenpenny, DO, AOBNMM, ABIHM

You had to trust someone, right? 

You were a new parent; you trusted your pediatrician. And you liked him. He was playful, cooed with your baby and had a tiny teddy bear attached to his stethoscope. You believed him when he said, “Vaccines are safe. They’ve been tested and reactions are extremely rare.” Together you laughed and made fun of the “anti-vaxxers.” The two of you agreed that parents who didn’t vaccinate their children were cavalier at best, dangerous at worst.

Without hesitation, you went to all the well visits. You held your baby as she cried and you watched as the nurse injected many shots into her chubby little thighs. You had no reservations about taking her for her 1-year shots, the day after her playful birthday party, complete with cake, balloons and too many presents from doting grandparents, aunts and uncles. You grabbed a sucker out of the jar on your way to the car, whimpering baby in tow.

Shortly after you got home, the crying began in earnest. She was fussy, clingy, and irritable. Something was wrong. This was not your fiercely independent child. Concerned, you called the office. She had not responded like this after her other shots. You were reassured she would be fine.

And then, it happened. Actually, then it began.

Three days later, after being abnormally listless, she had her first seizure. Terrified, you raced her to the Emergency Room. No one seemed to take note when you mentioned she had received six vaccinations only a few days prior. They called it a complex partial seizure and after an overnight stay for “observation,” you hesitantly took her home, worried about what was going on. Could it have been all those vaccines?

Five weeks passed and unexpectedly, she had another seizure. But this time, it didn’t stop. The seizures went on for days. After many different medications and nearly two weeks in the hospital, they finally stopped. The doctors sadly informed you she would most likely have permanent brain damage. They had no answers about why the seizures started, but they knew with 100% certainty, the seizures had “absolutely nothing to do with the vaccines.”

You were scolded every time you questioned if there could have been a connection. You argued she was fine at her birthday party – you offered pictures to prove it. Their unified response? “Maybe she has a defective gene.” But after 10 years of medical care, including O.T., P.T., speech therapy, a long list of medications, several extended hospitalizations and tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills, not covered by insurance, your daughter will never be the same.

Facing SB277

You are grateful that your other three children are completely unvaccinated and completely healthy. In fact, they have never even had a single antibiotic. They are bright, inquisitive, musically and athletically inclined. They lovingly help care for their older sister who needs extensive help with her daily activities.

Irrespective of what the doctors say, you know there is a connection between her current state and vaccines. You’ve read too much and talked to too many other parents. You will carry the guilt with you for the rest of your life: That you blindly trusted an authority figure who, you found out later, had never read any of the vaccine package inserts, and admitted that giving those six vaccines together had never been tested for safety.

Living in California, it has always been easy to fill out the school vaccine exemption forms. You knew you could never take a risk – no matter how small – that your other children could be damaged by vaccines the same way your oldest child has been.

But now, with the passage of SB277, you no longer have the option to refuse. Your other children have no health problems; a medical exemption would not apply. What about family history? Doctors always ask about family history of heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer. Knowing the family history can be a sign of increased risk for developing a disease. Not so with giving vaccines. It is the only area of medicine where a vaccine injured first-degree relative – parent, sibling or child – is not taken into consideration for an exemption.

You are terrified. You have sleepless nights and gnawing pains in your stomach. What are you going to do?

NEWSFLASH: Physicians, you’ve been lied to. 

How can a pediatrician – or any other physician for that matter – in good conscience, fully vaccinate healthy children, especially if they have a vaccine-injured sibling? How could DOCTORS push the passage of SB277?  Instead of standing up against the status quo, they caved, giving up their patients’ rights refuse vaccines.

Physicians, do you know:

  • Vaccine studies do not use a truly inert placebo to assess safety?
  • That “effective,” in vaccine-speak, does not mean protection? Effective means an injection of a toxic solution in order to produce an antibody, which is cunningly referred to as a “protective antibody,” when it really doesn’t provide protection at all. Effective is not a synonym for protection.
  • That smallpox and polio were not eradicated by vaccines, but by improved hygiene (smallpox) and globally eliminating the use of DDT (polio)?
  • Do you remember those boring – but important – classes on embryology and developmental neurology? If you do, how can you approve the inject heavy metals (aluminum/mercury), formaldehyde, human albumin, cells from aborted fetuses and stray oncogenic viruses into a tiny babies – and children and adults?

How can we encourage physicians to put the “relationship” back into the Doctor-Patient Relationship?

  • Physicians have sold out to big hospital systems, becoming highly paid, hourly employees, often with quotas to meet and electronic health record goals to reach. Having a boss means you might be fired. It’s hard to stand up to your boss, even when you know your boss is wrong.
  • Physicians are afraid to read studies that show vaccines can (and do) cause harm. Coming to grips vaccine side effects would force them to ponder how many cases of allergies, asthma, shingles, neurological conditions, autoimmune disease, and cardiovascular events they caused by pushing vaccines on everyone, even patients who wanted to refuse? It’s easier to blindly believe Paul Offit MD, the CDC and the pharma vaccine reps who buy them lunch.
  • Physicians have never read the heartbreaking VAERS reports and most are unaware that the NVICP exists. They don’t know that the U.S. government has paid over $3billion to vaccine-injured persons, confirming the premise that vaccines cause harm.
  • Few physicians – and nurses – have any comprehension that the potential side effects from the vaccines are far more pervasive – and serious – than the “childhood illnesses.”  Sadly, they have forgotten that these infections – measles, mumps, chickenpox and even pertussis – consist only of a cough, a fever, a rash and diarrhea. For the majority of children, the illness comes and goes in a week or two, leaving behind a lifetime of immunity.
  • Physician have lost their backbone – where’s that old-fashioned physician arrogance? Doctors used to say, “THEY aren’t going to tell ME how to practice medicine! I will do what I think is best for  MY patients!” Instead, they say, “Oh well. Times have changed. I have to follow the rules.” (subtext: If I don’t, I won’t get my quarterly bonus.)

CALLING ALL PHYSICIANS: Get Your Courage Back. Step Up. Take the Lead.

Your patients come to you, desperately looking for guidance. A symptom is not an indication of a drug deficiency. Your patients are sick because their organs of detoxification are overwhelmed and they are nutrient deficient. Pumping your patients full of vaccines and petroleum-based pills made them sick – and are making them sicker. Please stop believing that pills, called medicine, are what your patients “need.”

You no longer take the time to think through the pathways to pathology, a fascination that lead you to medical school in the first place. Your job has become nothing more than handing out little pieces of paper for a living, called prescriptions. By the way, that activity has created a $1.2T pharmaceutical industry.

Physicians, you have been hypnotized to believe that symptom-free in the presence of drugs is health. It is not.

I’m especially calling on osteopathic physicians to reconnect with your osteopathic roots. Recall that A.T. Still, our profession’s founder, was an allopathic MD. He left the profession because he knew there had to be a better way. No doubt he is pounding his fist and sobbing in his grave because his beloved osteopaths have sold out, pushing pills and vaccines instead of using their hands to heal. Osteopathy used to be considered holistic; now, you would not know a DO from an MD, unless you saw him/her sign their name.

A book from the Ascended Master’s Discourses series, published in 1932, states the following:

“The idea that serums made from animals can produce health and perfection or protect against disease by injecting it into a clean child’s body, or that of an adult, is another consciously directed activity of the sinister force in this world. It breaks down health and resistance in the race and destroys the ideals of mankind. The medical profession has been unknowingly made a cat’s paw for this destruction under the guise of science.”

Curious, I looked up the a few definitions. According to, a cat’s paw is “a person used by another as a dupe or tool.” And the word guise means, “an appearance, or manner of presentation, typically concealing the true nature of something.”

So, written another way, “Vaccination is a consciously sinister activity. Physicians have been duped into injecting serums made from animals into an uncontaminated child or adult, destroying health and the immune system. Physicians have been told that vaccination is science, a term used to conceal the true nature of what is being done to the human race through vaccinations.”

This seems to apply to the medical profession today even more than it did in 1932.

Physicians, Wake up! Take bold action. Please step up and step out. Become leaders. Return to being healers. Take back your personal power. Start saying, “Not only no, but HELL NO!” There is strength and safety in numbers. Gather your colleagues together, commit to learning a New Way. Your patients are begging you to get involved with the SB277 referendum and recall in California, and in other states, praying you will stand up before similar bills are passed. Refuse to participate in forced medication (psyche drugs and chemotherapy) and forced vaccinations. Make a decision to no longer be a cat’s paw for “sinister forces:” multinational corporations, hospital systems, political bureaucrats and a long list of 3-letter, global agencies. The lives of your patients – and your very own family – depend on it.



  1. Thank you Dr. Tenpenny for such an eloquent, thoughtful article. I am a RN with a BSN and currently in a masters program for nursing education. Almost every evidenced based paper I write is about vaccines and the sad premise for their existence. If I can encourage one person to think critically about this issue it will have been worth it. You are correct, the medical field had been brainwashed and physicians need to regain their backbone. Thank you for all that you do and for your tireless efforts on behalf of children and adults everywhere. We must not give up. I would love to meet you and have a face to face conversation as I too have spent thousands of hours researching this issue and I have tremendous respect got you.

    • Dear Cynthia,
      Thank you for your input on this article to Dr. Tenpenny! I have had many concerns regarding vaccines. I am currently pursuing a degree in the nursing field and I am very concerned about requirements with vaccines. I know they are deleterious to the human body. I had a child who suffered an afebrile seizure and quit breathing for a brief moment; paramedics were called in. I also have a daughter who has 2 autoimmune diseases, which I believe has resulted from all the vaccines I had her receive (blindly, might I add) not knowing that the vaccine schedule I adhered too ignorantly by doctor to patient recommendation would cause her the current health condition she now deals with. I have also had reactions to the flu shot, which was required to continue working. I am perplexed where to begin to take my stand against these mandated atrocities. I DO NOT wish me or my family to be used as guinea pigs for the furtherance of any agenda or pocketbook funding. What do I do? Looking for answers and friends who share my stand.
      Thank You
      Michelle S.

  2. Wow! Thank you for having courage! I live in. CA and my 13 yr old son has not been vaccinated because my dear friend; whose precious son was vaccibe injured ; asked me to read A Shot in the Dark, before I took him in for shots. It broke my heart. I talk to new mommies, and most look at me like my head has fallen off. Since SB 277 has past, I can’t sleep worrying about them forcing us to have him vaccinated. He is in a charter school for aviation, and according to the new law, next year he will either have to get shots, or be home schooled. It makes me sick to my stomach, and I worry about it daily. I pray that more doctors will grow a backbone! I wish you were my child’s pediatrician. God Bless you! Please keep speaking up for us!!!!!

  3. These stupid mandatory vaccine laws are so arbitrary and have nothing to do with public safety. Passing them all hinges on the drug companies having the right set of whores in office to go along with their “business development” plans. Again, it has NOTHING to do with public safety—and everything to do with drug company profits!

  4. We have an insane vaccine schedule in the US. Japan and Sweden have far fewer vaccines. How can this be? Clearly kids in the US are not healthier than kids in those countries. Far from it.
    SB 277 and other draconian mandates are sweeping the country and will continue to do so. Why? Because vaccine makers are totally protected from all lawsuits since 1986 even if a child dies. This most shameful of laws must be repealed. Please sign and share this petition with everyone you know.

    Thank you.

    • I agree, it has nothing to due with being smart or stupid and you are correct that no vaccine is 100%? effective. However, I do not know of any true medical doctors who have declined vaccines for their child; and I know a lot of doctors.The problem with letting others do what feels right for them is that it affects the most vulnerable infants in our population; and places all of society at risk of disease.

  5. Great post. The first line is missing a word. “You had (TO) trust someone, right?” Thanks so much for speaking out. All the best, Suzanne

  6. That is why I prefer DO’s over other physicians. A DO is an MD who still retains their common sense and critical thinking ability.

  7. This was a great article. I have been a practicing PA for over 10 years, mostly working in Emergency and Urgent Care Medicine. I complete agree with everything you said not just about vaccines but about the state of allopathic healthcare which has become nothing just pushing pills, vaccinations, and surgery instead of emphasizing true “health” from lifestyle and nutrition. I can tell you that my PA and physician colleagues who are extremely bright have very little understanding of natural health. My kids were vaccinated unfortunately as I believed those lies too but we vaccinated them slowly and avoided things like antibiotics and they are the healthiest kids in their class, therefore I can totally attest to what you are saying. Thank you for this article.

  8. This is a powerful tremendously needed message. Thank you for having the courage to say what many of us have been thinking for a very long time.

    I would like to see the link to this vitally important message posted everywhere so that everyone can understand the full extent of the ongoing corporatist subversion of medicine and the deprecation of Doctors to the role of diagnostic test interpretation clerks, vaccine and other procedure facilitators and overall scientism wimps who hide behind a pretend theater pseudo-science that has all the answers and disregards the concerns and quite valid objections of the patients who are regarded as ignorant serfs.
    It doesn’t and they aren’t !

    Again thank you for this message, a wake-up call to both Doctors and patients to speak up now before the forces of corporatist medical fascism completely change the scope, and effectiveness of medical practice and become even more of a threat to public health.

    • Thank you Dr. Pannozzi. Please post this link in all the places you mention – and send a copy to your friends. I’d suggest also printing it for your patients and your colleagues! ~ Dr Sherri

      • Good to listen to an? open-minded dotcor! He’s however still under the influence of the programming he’s received, telling him that vaccines are good and necessary to combat diseases. In fact, all vaccines are harmful and completely unnecessary. This is also the reason why the call for green vaccines is complete nonsense. Getting a vaccine exemption for one’s child is the only sane solution.

        • We also must be allowed to exempt our animals. They are suffering the same vaccine damages and it’s shortened their lives by 1/2 of what it was prior to vaccines. Juliette de Bairacli Levy was able to prevent and cure distemper, parvovirus, rabies and more in all unvaccinated animals who were also fed the correct species diet. She was unable to save those who were vaccinated and fed “pet foods.” Tells it all, doesn’t it? God bless you Dr. Tenpenny for all you’re doing!

  9. We are now living in a more aggressive and damaging tyranny than that which our nation’s founding fathers faced under insane King George III.

    You have no religious freedom If you have religious freedom as long as you shut up and meditate, or as long as you sit passively in church but you don’t have the ability to use your spiritual convictions to control what is done to your or your child’s bodies – THEN YOU HAVE NO RELIGIOUS FREEDOM!!

    Zero, Zip, Nada, NONE.

    If you have freedom here, but not there: now, but not then – then you have no freedom.


  10. Any advice on how to get a patient exempted from Tdap in Virginia?
    I have read elsewhere that some states are only approving particular medical exemptions; I’m guessing this would be based on ICD-10 codes. Anyone know what codes work and which don’t? Any other advice on how to write an effective exemption letter for my patient?

  11. Dr Tenpenny, do you realize someone is taking down any of the links that you link to????

    • Links are included and still available in comments on this page. Can you be more specific?

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