Boycott Pediatrician Bullies

Boycott Pediatrician Bullies
fighting doctorLet’s start a revolution. Tell us your pediatrician bully story. Pass this page on to someone you know has been pediatrician-bullied.

There are many respectful wonderful doctors out there, but many have simply become bullies, especially about your vaccination choices. I’m collecting “doctor bullying stories”. If you have been bullied for:

  • questioning vaccines
  • being forced to get vaccines
  • wanting to avoid or delay vaccines
  • for questioning MMR/autism connection
  • for questioning mercury/autism connection
  • …and other topics unrelated to vaccines, such as refusing a medical test or medication.

If you are brave enough – or angry enough – please include the doctor’s name. Including city and state is very important.

NOTE: The form only allows 350 words. If you have a much longer story, you can email us with the details. Please include your contact information. We may want to call you in the future to discuss your story for a project we are working on about “Pediatrician Bullies”.

By signing your name, you are giving permission to reprint with your story. However, you can be listed as “Susie Jones” or “S. Jones” or “S.J. from Columbus, Ohio.” Just let us know.

Our society is very sensitive to bullying in the work place. We should not tolerate bullying from a medical professional either. Report the bullies to their State Medical Boards. If enough complaints roll in, they could be pressured to stop bullying and be respectful to your concerns.


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  2. Agrees with Rugby 100% As a former reieevcr of bullying, but now a martial arts teacher. It’s very important that parents and trusted adults take claim seriously and investigate Always tell an adult or teacher, even a Policeman Bullying is no joke, and names DO hurt just as much as fists

  3. Parents can not find a medical doctor for their children in Zanesville, Ohio that respects parents’ rights when they choose not to vaccinate their children. We’ve been denied healthcare, after being told that a doctor is accepting new patients and our insurance is accepted. Once the office knows you will not allow vaccinations of your children, they say the doctor will not see you, or will no longer see you! Also, there is not informed consent, when a child is vaccinated. It’s a very sad situation when a parent has no alternative. Many low income families can not afford homeopathic doctors and can not afford to travel to other cities for their children’s health care. These parents are forced to search the internet for alternative/natural remedies to treat their children on their own.

  4. Dr Harris I believe is his name in San Luis Obispo, CA filling in pediatrics at CHC was nice until I said “No thank you” concerning my 15 year old getting a flu, meningitis,and HVP vaccine. Tried to bully me and make me feel like I knew nothing for not giving in. I am sick of this. Every doctor visit makes me anxious. This is wrong!

  5. Yep got bullied about vaccinations and also my pediatrician told me my daughter needed counseling because she said she wished she was thinner. The pediatrician was shaming me for not agreeing as she was also convincing my daughter that her brain was wired wrong and her only hope was counseling. My daughter is a typical beautiful 14 year old. I am furious.

  6. They are trying to control us and our children. Pediatricians are also dumber than a box of rocks. Mine tried to convince me to get meningitis vaccination for my daughter …she doesn’t even know what bacterial meningitis is. She explained it Totally wrong “I’m like “lady it’s about infection of the meninges in the brain.” I took care of patients with this deadly disease in an airtight isolation spacesuit when I worked as Nurse in ICU. Pisses me off these dummy are trying to force us into these when they know little to nothing about the disease process and even less about the vaccines. Help!

    • It is meningococcemia vaccine, meningococcemia is quite different than “infections the meninges”.

  7. After my son’s first shot, that my husband pressured me to get, he was gone for 3 days. It was like he went from aware to a vegetable, and all he would do was sleep. I told my pediatrician and she just about laughed at me. I told her he wouldn’t wake up, he was not hungry, he sat in fecal matter without waking me, and his strongest response was to stare. She was dismissive and insulting. When I refused all future shots she became emotionally unstable, raising her voice, and all but calling me neglectful. She hounded me for 5 minutes straight with aggressive fear mongering, and listing symptoms and personal accounts that made me sick. I still said no. Then she pulled out the paperwork that for all intensive purposes said I was allowing my child to catch a whole host of nasty diseases, and required me to initial each section and sign it. Then I was treated like I was ignorant, she was superior to me, and she pitied my lack of intelligence. Now I get this tense, angry silence when I say no, and they pass me the nasty paperwork. When my son got chronic ear infections I was told it was because we don’t vaccinate. Again, I faced the red hot anger in the room. I told them his ears don’t drain even with the most minor cold, the excessive antibiotics were causing him to have reflux and vomit daily, and they needed to hand me my ENT referral. Getting tubes and introducing milk kefir solved all our problems. All the while, my son has been exceeding every benchmark by six months to a year since birth, and has a strong, healthy immune system.

  8. Our child has Chk Pox. We homeschool & have 5 children. 3 older children have 1 dose of vaccine and youngest 2 children have none. The dr told us our children need to be quarantined for 21 days unless the 3 children get the 2nd dose and our youngest child gets vaccine. If another child get CP we would have to start over with 21 day quarantine. THey said the school district would demand this and they can’t go anywhere in public. Is this accurate? Not much faith in their vaccines??? Thank you!

    • No, that’s not accurate. In those states where it’s addressed in the legislation, the school laws require unvaccinated kids to be excluded from school during outbreaks, not to stay home; not to be quarantined. Taken on its face, it’s absurd – since you homeschool, it would require you to kick your kids out of your home for 21 days. 0_o As for the vaccine, it’s not a matter of faith, it’s a matter of common sense. Among the many ingredients of the chickenpox vaccine are MSG, embryonic guinea pig cell culture and cellular and DNA components from both existing lines of aborted human fetal tissue, one of which is male, the other, female – and the DNA is recombinant, meaning it’s expected it will combine with your kids’ DNA. It’s a very, very bad idea. Basically, however, your doctor can’t dictate how you deal with your kids at home – or in public. I would leave him out of the picture entirely from here on.

        • Anyone’s free to advise. However: I was incorrect; recombinant DNA – rDNA – doesn’t mean it’s expected to combine with your kids, it means that it was formed from two different DNA strands. However again, Dr. Theresa Deisher and her colleagues at SoundChoice dot org provide evidence of insertional mutagenesis, whereby the injected rDNA can indeed affect the vaccine recipient’s DNA.

      • Do you really believe this? I implore you to educate yourself better. Recombinant DNA refers only to the processing of the DNA and how it came to be. It cannot and does not combine with a host’s DNA. To do so would require a vector which vaccines do not contain. I understand that you think you are well versed on this subject, but for everyone’s safety refrain from commenting on topics on which you are so clearly wrong.

        • Obviously I believed it at the time I wrote it, Sara, or I wouldn’t have written it. However, recombinant DNA – rDNA – indeed doesn’t mean it’s expected to combine with your kid’s DNA, it means that it was formed from two different DNA strands. However again, Dr. Theresa Deisher and her colleagues at SoundChoice dot org provide evidence of insertional mutagenesis, whereby the injected rDNA can affect the vaccine recipient’s DNA. Ultimately, to me the question’s in essence moot, since from the very act of injection on vaccination’s a foolhardy procedure.

  9. Hi, I have three healthy boys ages 13, 16 &18. Never been vaccinated. We’ve been living in Europe where its less a problem Now I’ve been forced back to California and even home school is requiring vaccinations. What can I do?

    Any ideas?

  10. i called a pediatrician to schedule a regular check up for our children. Nothing more, nothing less than a check up since our children are perfectly healthy. The woman that answered never provided me a name or a title, just a curt greeting and a matter of fact state your business attitude. When i asked for her name she answered “oh no, no, no, no, no…. what is your name and why are you calling”. i should have hung up right then and there but i figured i had an “anal retentive woman” with a pit bull disposition. However, within 10 seconds, the woman demanded to know the children’s vaccine schedules. i hung up. However, the next day this office called my number and wanted to confirm that it was i that they were talking to. Being savvy to what they were implying, i told them i have neither anything to verify or to confirm with them and hung up. Well, several months later, we are now getting calls from the state dept of health advising us to vaccinate our children for the flu. i am not ignorant to the laws and if they believe that intimidation is going to get them anywhere? They have a battle on their hands.

  11. I have one problem..well a BIG problem with bullying doctors….they need to understand something…THEY WERE HIRED BY ME, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND…and vaccinations REQUIRE LEGAL CONSENT…something which I do not take lightly…I expect all the information, not just THEY ARE SAFE AND EFFECTIVE AND YOU WOULDN’T WANT TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING OTHERS SICK…if Something requires legal consent I need to see all the information, not just a speech, I need to think about it..because I know, as a retired RN after 26 years, LEGAL CONSENT is only used for things deemed risky enough to require such a thing…really…so if it means I HAVE TO CONSENT, WELL THEN I CAN REFUSE TO CONSENT…that simple, no more discussion..And I will remind them, that just like anyone else I have hired, I can fire them too..NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND…seriously..

  12. Hello. I have a 3 months old baby who had her vaccines last month. She seems to not have been affected BUT I have a question. Does the mother have to sign a paper before the child gets a vaccine? I never signed a consent form or anything. Heck I was in a different room getting my yearly check up done. I went into the room and that’s when they administered the shots. My grandmother was with her. Can my grandma sign in place of me? I wouldn’t think so. I don’t want her to get vaccinated. I live in Florida and the only thing I can think of is doing constant titer tests. But that’s not gonna work if she doesn’t get the first round. I’d hate for something to happen to my rainbow baby. I’ve lost several kids and she’s my first so I want to make sure she gets only the best for her.

  13. I recently changed pediatricians for my 4 month old daughter after being “fired” from my previous one for not giving the vaccinations. I unfortunately signed the refusal form, but was able to get it back. This new practitioner was recommended by someone who does not vaccinate their children. I am very worried that I am going to be confronted with this form yet again because both doctors belong to the same health system. If I refuse to sign again can I get in trouble? I don’t want to be in the same embarrassing predicament again. I live in ohio.

    • You might be refused treatment by the new practitioner, too, if you don’t sign, but that wouldn’t be trouble – that would be good riddance to bad medical practice. However, since the new pediatrician was recommended by a non-vaccinating family, all should be well. There’s nothing embarrassing, by the way, about protecting your daughter’s immune system, therefore her health.

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