Bird Flu Hype: Vaccines

COMMENT: The *real* problem is that they are not correcting the underlying issue: The Sick Terrain of the birds and the environment. Read this for more information. October 31, 2006:New bird flu strain foils vaccine The new variant has become… Continue Reading

Amazon Book Store – Vaccines

These are the books I recommend for your library. I have all of them, and they all have particularly good information on different vaccine topics. Hover over the image to see the details, then click to order. This is a… Continue Reading

Things get heated when we discuss vaccines

We can talk about problems with cyanide, global warming, cell phone/EMF, Vioxx, arsenic in the water, chemotherapy, etc etc etc. But as soon as we start taking about problems caused by vaccines, there is an enormous polarization. People get offended… Continue Reading

Vaccine Research Library

The Vaccine Research Library – The Other Side of the Vaccination Story. The Vaccine Research Library is an ever-growing compilation of information, assembled to give you the tools to debunk the conventional, pro-vaccine stance. The information has been organized… Continue Reading

Testimonials – U.S.

I saw GBS after a flu shot twice at the hospital I worked at . Both people were treated for depression & almost put on a vent before they figured it out. I also saw one elderly man have a… Continue Reading


I was always a little uneasy about vaccines.  I started to find information questioning vaccine safety shortly after my daughter was born.  I asked the pediatrician and she quickly hushed my concerns with the fact that they were safe.  She… Continue Reading